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  • I'm gearing up to sell my matching Roberts track and road bikes... is there anyone on here that might be interested in taking both? The track bike is just a frame now and the road bike won't be for sale until I take delivery of a new bike in April... it seems a shame to split them up so thought I'd post to gauge interest:

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  • Are the both about a 54/55?

  • Roberts 26" wheel snow leopard, came to me in pink glitter with a horrible mix of components for only £50 from an auction.

    Promptly sitripped it and Sold all the XTR M900 off it then spent the profits on new paint and decals.

    Then chose My favorite workhorse groupset - Deore DX - and set too making it a bike again,


  • This is a total lesson in how to do a Current Projects thread. One post, bang bang results. Lots to love about that build, well done

  • That Snow Leopard is swoon-worthy!

  • Picked this up from the powdercoater yesterday, RAL traffic white, really nice finish - got up this morning & a fresh set of decals landed on the doormat right on time!

    Excuse the abysmal photos

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  • Cheers! was contemplating going jazzy with the colour but I had white & white decals at the back of my mind since I picked it up so stuck with it & glad I did, nice & subtle.

    Alas I'll have to resist throwing shiny bits at it as it's too big for me, was good to restore it to a semblance of its former glory though. Haven't gotten round to digging up any more info from the frame number so the exact tubing is a mystery, Campag dropouts / Cinelli BB & top eyes but that's as much as I know!

  • Due to @amey 's unrelenting teasing about mismatched finishing kit - tho now the cranks and frame pump don't match either -I put some neoclassic bars on, swapped in compact cranks (I didn't know 7950 was a thing when I built it 😫) and put some mudguards on. I am very tempted to stick a nice dynamo on but in the wise words of @pastry_bot that would be 'project creep'

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  • Woof! That’s lovely

  • Verre nice! Git you some frame protectors on them cable housings. That lush finish needs to be maintained.

  • Forget the dynamo, next upgrade HAS to be Campagnolo

  • sorry just saw this - both more like 53 st / 54 tt (ctc)

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The Roberts Cycles Handbuilt Bicycle Owners Club

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