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  • Another Win11 Shitness: The combined BT, Wifi and Volume controller thingie. You can't just click speaker and arrow up to increase volume - now you have to use the slider?

    Also hate having to think: "is that BT or Wifi I'm about to drop"

    Stupid change.

  • Hadn't noticed that. I agree, stupid change.

    Hasn't your keyboard got volume keys though?

    Also, did you know that you can change volume in W11 by hovering your mouse over the speaker icon in the systray and scrolling the mouse wheel?

  • I'm not a big fan of using 3rd party utilities to mess with OS stuff, but Explorer Patcher should fix these problems...


    Has an option to change the taskbar style to Windows 10, which also restores application names in the taskbar and prevents them being combined.

  • Hasn't your keyboard got volume keys though?

    Not the one I'm using now. Oh wait, maybe it does. Ah, yeah I could use Function keys but then I'd have to look at the keyboard to work out where they are. The up arrow is easier to deal with.

  • you can change volume in W11 by hovering your mouse over the speaker icon in the systray and scrolling the mouse wheel?

    That might have to be it for now. Trying to explain that to th missus when I'm on the turbo is going to be fun.

  • When I plug my headset's wireless receiver into my USB switch/hub I can get audio through the output but can't get the mic to work. Is this just not a workable setup? Or is it software?

  • Should work fine.

    You got Mute enabled somewhere? (hardware mute switch or in the OS mixer or app?)

  • Nah no mutes, works okay plugged in directly to laptop

  • I use an Anker USB hub with my old BT headset and it works fine. But there's a lot of variations in headsets. It's almost always some mute or volume setting. Have you tried rebooting after plugging it in? Sometimes wireless shit glitches and needs an unplug/plug in or reboot.

  • I've tried lots of plugging and unplugging but no rebooting with it plugged in, will try that when work settles down, ta

  • Seems to be registering that I'm talking in the settings page (little blue bar appears when I talk) but no software will pick it up inc free online mic test websites

  • Little bar also moves when plugged directly into laptop but then mic works in online test websites

  • Hmm, that's odd.

    If the computer is receiving audio then it should have nothing to do with the BT dongle and where that is plugged into. It either sends audio over BT or it doesn't.

  • Will try via hub and direct on my desktop next and see how it does

  • I've had the opposite thing happen but that's with ANT+

    ANT+ operates on the same frequency as some Wifi channels, so works best if you move it away from the laptop - that's why my turbo laptop has the Anker dongle and extension lead - to move the ANT+ dongle away from the laptop.

  • Same behaviour. Very frustrating.

  • So not the computer, that rules out software and PC shit.
    It's definitely picking up audio so that rules out any volume/mute settings (it's not just very low volume is it?)
    It only fails when used with the hub? I just don't get why the hub would have an impact on the transmission of audio.

  • It only fails when used with the hub?


    I just don't get why the hub would have an impact on the transmission of audio.

    Same! Especially when I can still hear the audio output through the headset

  • What else is plugged into the hub? Have you tried with everything else unplugged

  • Cool, thanks. I'll try this on my desktop later. Giving up for now.
    Only keyboard and mouse plugged into the hub/switch otherwise, just the bits I want to swap between work laptop and home pc easily

  • Decided to keep digging, unplugged switch from both computers and USB power to try and eliminate any weird phantom power, then plugged it all back in and now it won't pair at all loool. Sigh

  • You know what to do.

  • Figured it would be silly to let an Nvidia 3080 remain redundant after upgrading so have just taken delivery of this little lot. SFF case with built-in PSU and AIO cooler feels a bit like cheating, but I've not done something like this before and understand it can be a right pain in the arse making sure everything fits.

    Shoud be very decent for gaming from the couch rather than the desk where I spend too much time already. Also, with the couch shoved out of the way I'll finally be able to do some proper VR without the hassle of moving a 20kg desktop from one end of the flat to the other.

    Scan are ridiculously efficient. Placed order at 6.30 last night and standard delivery said Monday so I stumpted up the extra couple of quid for weekend. Got an email at 9 saying it had been dispatched, but still didn't expect it today. Might ask for a refund.

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  • Was streaming/remote desktop not an option? Appreciate n+1 also

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PC Tech Thread

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