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  • I've done that (well, into the SPDIF of a DAC) and didn't notice any synch problem. There's very little computation in the converter to introduce latency. USB is used pretty ubiquitously from computer to DAC and you don't hear many complaints.

  • *** edit: issue solved by using the Remote Desktop app (via the Microsoft store) as opposed to the built-in Remote Desktop Connection program, even if the latter has been fine for years and I've never used the app before... ***


    I’ve used Windows remote desktop connection when working remotely for the past 6 years.

    On friday morning, it started crashing/closing down about a second after it logs me in.
    Other people can log on to the same machine, and the IT folks who can log in to it with admin credentials their side, get the same problem when they jump on to mine - so it’s definitely a problem with my laptop.
    Other colleagues who have access to the same machine can also log on from their various locations/local laptops without issue (def not a case of multiple people connected at once, either).

    After looking into it and trying a few other things admin-rightsy and networky - the IT guys suggested it’ll be a problem with my local user profile.

    I’ve gone through all the possibilities Googling it brings up too (sfc; dsim, firewall etc.) and now have even wiped the laptop and freshly installed Windows on it (soft reset with data retained failed twice) which took most of the day today - surprise, surprise, same thing happens when I try to connect :/

    So - don’t suppose anyone’s ever had similar issues?

  • What does the event viewer say

  • Just upgraded my RAM so if anyone would like 2x8gb Patriot Viper DDR4 3200mhz memory for £30 picked up in London, shoot me a PM

    Full specs/timings here

  • What would be the forum recommended reliable powerline adapters?

    I have TP Link 2000mbps passthrough adapters at the moment, and one or both are being unreliable. I have a Hive hub and backup NAS on one end, and the other near the router.

    The hive hub cut out while while we were on holiday, and my dad had to turn on and off the powerline adapters when he popped by to check in on the house under my guidance.

  • Maybe worth updating the firmware on the tplinks first? Might be a bug that has already been fixed.

  • What dya do when a USB drive won't eject? I've been doing a backup and write speeds were really slow so stopped it, done some checks (all looks superficially okay) and gone to eject and it's just spinning there saying "removing...". Obviously don't wanna just pull the drive. OS is Ubuntu

  • don't wanna just pull the drive

    just pull the drive

  • Why would ctrl alt delete not work?

    Using those same keys in other combinations works fine.

  • Actually, they don't. My delete key now seems to do nothing except move the cursor to the left when previously it would delete the character to the right.

  • Is Insert/Overtype latch affecting your Del key?

  • Thanks. It feels like that sort of thing but not having much luck resolving. Behaviour is different to similar Insert things I've had before.

  • What dya do when a USB drive won't eject? I've been doing a backup and write speeds were really slow so stopped it, done some checks (all looks superficially okay) and gone to eject and it's just spinning there saying "removing..."

    It's slow for some reason... Maybe it's dropped to a lower usb standard of you're using a hub and it's saturated, etc.

    The removing thing... That just flushes buffers. If the drive was slow, the flushing will be slow.

    Pulling the drive just means the buffers are discarded and so it's only partially written.

  • Is there a more modern alternative to Speenfan for monitoring temps? It doesn't seem to detect my CPU or GPU

  • This one is much better than hwmonitor:


  • Remind me again why I shouldn't use a 4k TV as a monitor? Other than less than full sRGB gamut and lack of display ports.

    Samsung models around £300 with built in RDP clients seem very tempting as it'll be used mostly for HDMI and RDP connections for now.

  • IIRC it is pixel density.
    You (generally) sit quite far away from a TV screen and quite close to a monitor.

  • Is pixel density for 4k at any given size not the same?

  • Fewer reasons than ever these days.

    Pixel denisty shouldn't be a concern. A 32" 4k screen would still have higher pixel density than a regular HD 24" monitor or 27" monitor at 2560x1440.

  • true, I was thinking back when I was looking at a monitor, why I couldnt use the old TV I have kicking about, and that was the reason.
    I was comparing a 27" monitor to a 42" TV though.

  • Cheers for the thoughts. I deal ok with a 32" QHD at work, never noticed pixels being a problem, this would be 43", maybe viewed marginally closer. Slightly higher ppi according to my rough calculations.

    Probably taller than ideal for ergonomics but I'll be using something to nest windows in the corners a lot of the time I would think

  • Refresh rate / response time?

    A 4k TV is otherwise the same as a 4k monitor, if it's the same screen type etc...

    They may have different inputs / outputs

  • a 43'' monitor is a nuts, I had a 32'' and had to sit as far away as I could while still reaching the keyboard.

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PC Tech Thread

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