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  • North Americans love such lofty claims.

    I hear they're the best at them

  • best in the world

    in America means "we've never been anywhere else"

  • I need a really basic laptop for Trainerroad and Zwift. Ideally under £300. Any ideas please?

    It will need to have a USB port and I can only seem to get an ANT+ signal out of my trainer these days.

  • Could you not just get an Apple TV?

  • My trainer is crammed into the corner of a bedroom and frequently has to be moved so I really appreciate the portability of a laptop.

  • Fair enough. You’re probably goi g to struggle to get anything that will last for that budget. Maybe try to get something open box or 2nd hand but good?

  • Chromebook which lets you run Android apps - both are available on Android.

    You'd need to check that Chromebooks work with ANT+ USB sticks mind.

  • Hmmmm. Is something like this going to shit itself quickly?

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  • It might struggle to even run zwift. Got a link?

  • Comes closer to 350, but how about iPad and something that can rebroadcast the ANT+ as Bluetooth?
    4iiii Viiiiva HRM can act as an ANT+ to bluetooth bridge

    I'd plump for that over a budget laptop. I've got a NUC connected to a TV but prefer iPad Pro and I'll do Airplay if I want it on the TV.

    And you can run TrainerRoad and Zwift at the same time on it (or at least, I can with a KickR as it lets you control the resistance separately from it reporting the power - not sure how it works with other turbos)

  • The consensus seems to be that I can’t get away with spending as little as £300 for Zwift.

    What is the cheapest laptop that will run it comfortably?

  • Sometimes I like to use Trainerroad and AFAIK doing so on an iPad won’t allow me to minimise the bar and watch YouTube in the background.

  • Split screen is maybe the best you can do, or having it hover over YouTube.
    Screenshot from my iPad…

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  • Maybe a second hand macbook air

  • Absolute cheapest may be to get a £100 monitor and a second hand apple TV 4th gen. Not as neat as a laptop but possible.

  • You definitely don't need a dedicated graphics card. I've run it on a couple of 5+ year old second hand ThinkPads with Intel integrated graphics absolutely fine.

    Edit: just checked and I currently have an X260 with an i3-6100U and Intel HD520 graphics, 1080p screen. Probably from CEX. Graphics almost indistinguishable from when I used it on my full-on desktop.

    I do remember that Zwift have dropped support for older Intel graphics though, so you might want a bit of future-proofing.

    Edit- this is all about Zwift, don't know about TR.

  • Edit- this is all about Zwift, don't know about TR.

    TR should run on a calculator, it's just Zwift that's slow.

    Could always run TR on a phone if you have the Ant->Bluetooth bridge

  • "Follina"


    You might want to remove HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt if you have Office shit installed.

  • Refurbished laptops are great value:

    For example this is a great laptop for the money. No dedicated graphics card, but specs and durability is superb for not much cash.


    They have some other ones with dedicated graphics.

  • Bit of a long shot, but thought it was worth asking.

    My folks laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad U330 Touch, won't turn on. I guess it's around 2015 now.

    Is there anything that can be done easily to get the file (and even longer shot repair)?

    A quick search shows that there can be a problem with it going into hibernation and not coming out.

    It's got an unbuilt battery. I've tryed the manual discharge(?).

    I've tried a charger I know works and the info light shows the laptop is charging.

    I think they need to take it to a shop to get the HDD removed and copied. But thought it was worth asking in case anyone had any other ideas.


    Ps is there a way to get the windows license code/key off it at the same time?

  • I guess a follow up, that classic, what laptop as a replacement?

    Would have to be new and Windows. I assume they want another ultrabook style/size so any cheaper sub£1k recommendations would be good, probably £500-750.

    Other than Apple is there a manufacturer with good aftersales?


  • in the last week my pc has slowed
    slow loading some pages, not all. it will load a website perfectly fast but then when i click on another page in said website it takes 10 seconds to load ? rather than just jumping immediately like it used to ?
    is there any way i can look at the processes behind the scenes or run a diagnostics on the pc to see if anything is causing these problems ?
    task manager doesn't really show anything obvious ( i am not a computer expert so may not be looking at the right thing ? )

    one thing i noticed was an upgrade to my cloudflare warp and didn't load fully and stopped midway through the process as it tried to load a new version ? could that have any effect ? should i uninstall and try and re unstall the whole thing ?

    any tips to speed things up a bit

  • You could take it to a shop but it should be pretty easy to find a manual or video to help you open it up and take the drive out yourself. Looks like it'll be an (old) standard 2.5" HDD. Then copy contents somewhere using a USB-SATA adaptor. And next time have a backup...

    It's probably not worth the hassle/cost of commercial repair.

    Not sure about Windows keys for that age of machine. Why do you need it anyway?

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PC Tech Thread

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