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  • new memory and ssd now fitted. running pretty nicely and the lack of whirring / clicking noise is a bonus :)

  • I cheated a bit - cloned the old disc to the new one and then just swapped them over, so no clean windows install. quite painless, though.

    Apart from the first disc manager software I bought wouldn't clone a GPT drive. Then I found one which had a free 30 day trial which would...

  • Postin guts because we have a successful build

    Asus mobo seems to be working fine, after flashing the latest BIOS. Very relieved. The layout of the board is also a bit better in terms of space between the HSF and case top, and HSF and GPU.

  • Now that's a CPU cooler! Do you know what made it work?

  • Only thing I changed was swapping out an MSI B550M for an Asus B550M Motherboard. I tried 3 different BIOS versions with the MSI and none of them did the trick. With the Asus one it didn't work out of the box, showing a DRAM error this time instead of CPU/VGA that the MSI did. But after flashing the latest BIOS it was up and running.

    The cooler is a Noctua NH-D15, by the way. Symmetrical version. It is huge! But clears my RAM fine, they're pretty low profile sticks thankfully.

    Might have to get one of the new Noctua + Asus 3070s to complete the look ... if it'll fit


  • That is seriously nice.

    If I were after a GPU I would buy that without a hesitation.

    I loathe the smaller and faster spinning fans in most GPU heatsinks. They're OK for the first year, but gradually get dusty in places you cannot clean or maintain well (even with canned air) and as such they also eventually get a lot louder.

    Full size fans and an accessible heatsink is a maintenance dream.

    And it may fit in your case, but I'm not sure it's going to work for you as there's no space for the air intake in the smaller case.

  • I admire Noctua's committment to that colour scheme.

    Don't have any in my PC but my 3d printer has four noctua fans. They've been real (silent) workhorses.

  • Read even more about the card now: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Compon­ents/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3070-8G-NOCT­UA/

    And if the card is < 50'c then the fans are off... with a progressive stepping in fan speed as the heat climbs.

    Had a card like that a long while ago and it is bliss... total silence when you're in work mode or light gaming, and only relatively low noise when you're in a medium intensive game, and audible only when you're doing something insane (which very few games do as the cards are typically way ahead of the demands most games have).

    I have no reason to buy it, but damn it is nice.

  • Ooooh... But then I'd need a new mobo as my current 3090 matches the Vision D..

    But such brown..

  • My current Gigabyte GPU is the opposite. There's something bugged with the fan curve which makes it rev very aggressively once it tips the 50 C threshold. It's the biggest source of noise in the computer by far. Haven't been able to solve it either with custom fan curves or a full teardown and repaste of the gpu.


  • That Noctua graphics card is epic.

    I’d have gone for brown Noctua fans in Matt black case, if I hadn’t gone for a prebuild during peak lockdown graphics card shortage and gone for RGB everything.

  • I have a noctua fan on my gtx 970 in the older PC. 3d printed shroud, it's constant speed though but very quiet compared to what was on there before.

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  • bom dia você tem ainda este gabinet?

  • Olá você tem ele ainda?!

  • Does anyone know of anyone who makes a 5.25" bay fan sled? I've got 3 bays empty I was thinking a 120mm with a mesh cover would be a much better use of the space

  • Searching for "drive bay fan" mostly finds adapters for docking multiple hard drives in 2 or 3 front bays - but you could just leave the hard drives out and run the fan.

    eg. 2-bay with a probably rubbish little fan, or 3-bay with a 120mm fan.

    If you don't have room for the back of the HDD box it's not ideal, but presumably there was already enough space for an external drive there?

  • I saw the Icy Dock one, but it looks so awful I wrote it off. The EverCool one is better, but you're right 80mm fan isnt really worth it.

    I wonder if i could cut off the front of the icy dock off to look a bit better.

    I have a feeling it may be less faff to just buy a mesh case

  • Found this on AliExpress

    Which should be ideal when combined with a Silverstone magnetic fan filter and another Noctua NF-F12 for a grand total of 8 Noctua fans

    3 x NF-F12 pulling air in at the front
    2 x NF-A12 on the CPU cooler
    3 x NF-A14 venting out at the back / top

    wow beige and brown, much airflow in non-airflow case

  • That is much nicer.
    I only included the Icy Dock one because it was the right size - it really did look terrible.

  • I feel like I might be in the wrong thread as very much a "it just needs to work" PC user... My notification bar thing is telling me my Upgrade to Windows 11 is ready. Is it a good idea to upgrade? Is it better to wait a while? Presumably I can just stay on Win10? Will it affect existing software installs (nothing niche)?

  • If 'it just needs to work' is an imporant thing for you I would wait for a while

  • It's just worked for me so far. But there's nothing much changed that I can tell.

    You also wont miss anything important by sticking with Win10 for another couple of weeks/months/years

  • Cool, thanks. I've always tended to be several versions behind in OSX but this is a relatively new machine and I'm using it for work so keeping things mostly up to date.

  • I've heard a few complaints about minor glitches from some advanced users I know but nothing too bad or relating to common software.

    I'm going to wait a few months before taking the plunge just so the wrinkles can be ironed out.

    I've not heard of any software compatibility issues yet.

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PC Tech Thread

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