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  • ^ not sure that's the case if you've bought fairly recently.


    'Office Home & Student 2019
    One-time purchase for PC and Mac'

    And then if you're on Microsoft 365 (the subscription based one that was called Office 365 previously) then I'm certain that they've merged the PC and Mac licensing

    But as above, the freebie online versions will work for most things

  • The Office 365 subscription is actually good value if you use the cloud storage. Up to 6TB of cloud storage for £60 a year.

    If you're working on bigger datasets you don't want to be using the cloud stuff (admittedly that's arguably an edge case).

    @sacredhart you'll need to look specifically which licence you have to see what you can do with it.

  • @Stonehedge @aggi @duncs thanks I'll investigate further

  • What would you recommend?

    It's for Mrs sacred working from home. She's writing stuff out in word and doing spreadsheets then sharing those with colleagues so all needs to be in compatible word/ office formats.

  • You can do that in Google Docs and export the files in office formats.

    Presuming fairly basic formatting.

  • After recommendations for 2x monitors which my wife wants to use both vertically to help her edit documents.
    It's to connect to her work Dell laptop which has HDMI connection.
    Guess size wise looking around 24"
    Needs to be as hassle free as possible to install!

  • Dell screens generally have excellent stands which rotate

  • Does it have two HDMIs?
    If not, does it have any other ports capable of carrying a display signal?

    If not, you're stuck with one monitor.

    If it's a recent Dell, it should have a USB C output. I would consider a USB C dock (official dell one for compatibility or Caldigit for quality) and use that to connect two monitors.

    In terms of monitor recommendations, I would go for something like Dell though I would look to get a dual desk / wall mount over using the stands. That way, you can align them more easily and save desk space.

  • Thanks - how do I know if they rotate?
    This one says "swivel angle 90" - does that mean it will go vertical?

  • Thanks yes it has USB C
    I'll tell her to get Dell monitors and the dock sounds easier.

  • Worth watching out for screen viewing angles which are often fine for horizontal use, but not so much for vertical.

  • yep, watch the video on the page you linked

  • A IPS pannel will help this

  • I’m looking at buying a SFF pc with an EVGA 3090 in it. But it’s air cooled and all the GPUs I’ve owned so far have been water cooled eGPUs. Does anyone have experience of the noise of an air cooled 3090 under load? Tagging @CYOA as I know you’re as noise sensitive as I am ;)

  • Don't worry about fan noise, you won't notice it over the coil whine :)

  • Joke's on you. I played games on 100 volume with headphones for a few years and have tinnitus now so I can't hear any.

  • I have 3 or 4 noctua fans and they're very quiet. Like a gentle hum for 90% of day to day. When I game I wear headphones and don't notice it. When I render video they kick in (particularly if the dust guard is a bit full but it's noticeably quieter when I brush the dust off) and usually I take my headphones off for a break so I hear it then but it's fine. There are also all sorts of settings to determine at what settings the fans kick in should you want them to not be so sensitive. My temps are stupidly cool as I'd like longevity but it means my fans might blow a bit more than someone else's. Only thing is my case isn't SFF. I gave up on that idea. It's a Corsair Airflow 4000D which I do really like but it's chonky coming from an iMac. Haven't had a tower since about 2003.

  • Thanks mate. Yeah, SFF brings its own unique challenges with airflow. I like a challenge though!

  • What's a good keyboard?

    CTRL key in bottom left, bank of arrow keys below the Delete 6, numpad, etc. Basically a standard keyboard not some graphic designer wet dream but one that works. Mine is a fucking dildo and is going to be murdered by hammer as soon as I have a replacement.

  • Actually maybe it was just Teams that tried to fuck me and I smashed fuck out of this keyboard for nothing. Nevermind.

  • Mechanical or normal? There is a mech keyboard thread on here somewhere.

    I have a keychron, as do plenty others.

    edit: here

  • Normal. I'm quite happy with HP keyboards I've smashed for years at work. But this one's getting a bit slow. When the smash fists into keyboard ratio gets too high it's time to go.

  • https://www.keyboardco.com/

    Anything by Filco that fits your needs will be excellent.

    I prefer the Red (silent) switches and with the numpad, but if you prefer without numpad then they do those too.

  • I've just bought a second one of these

    Appears to be very few keyboards nowadays with just a normal layout without weird function keys and shit (loads miss the menu button which is annoying).

    Only seems to come with a mouse though which means I have a spare mouse until the keyboard dies and I can give the mouse away with the receiver.

  • Are the red/silent switches what you'd find in a normal keyboard? Not those stupid clicky clacky things the somehow hipsters have resurrected from the 80s?

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PC Tech Thread

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