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  • The drive manufacturer may also have a firmware-based recovery tool

  • 100% John Lewis, prob over any discount I can get ya at Argos (but feel free to dm if they do do it).

  • Copying a couple of images from one windows folder to another and they now appear corrupted. No issues with SSDs according to scandisk so any ideas wtf would cause that?

    Very odd. The little preview thingies are complete but loading the images reveals mostly gray now, like it only copied 10% of the file. Don't want to keep consolidating folders if this is what I get

  • Filesize is 500k when it should be more like 4-5MB given the MPs on the phone camera.

  • xcopy /v

    to verify the copied files.

    Reseat SSD connectors, if issue reoccurs replace the SSD.

  • I've just had a look at my Glacier backups and it looks like they've been fucked a while. So I think I've done a Windows copy file compare and picked the corrupted one to remain, because it looked fine as a thumbnail. I didn't realise the ones in the subfolder were fucked though. So I'm going to restore the other folder from Glacier and copy them back over. Don't understand why thumbnail looks fine but image is fucked though

  • It's highly likely that's why I had two folders with duplicate images in the first place. Probably noticed some corruption when copying off phone so stopped and put them elsewhere, then obviously forgot, and now I've overwritten the good with the shit.

  • Not getting anywhere fast with ZAR. The drive shows up in bios and Windows on starting the computer but seems to disappear by the time a scan on the main partition is completed. It also disconnects if I try and copy a folder out or access some of the folders.

    It's toast isn't it? Anything else to try?

  • Connect it to a different PC. You can buy adapters for a tenner.

  • You think that'd do it? AFAIK that's what our IT guy did and it showed the same behavior.

    The same SATA and power cables work fine with another drive.

  • Anything else to try?

    Linux? If your IT chap hasn't already.

  • If it's recognised by the BIOS, and by the OS, even if fleetingly, I reckon you're mostly ok.

    Connecting it into a different machine, or using a LiveCD, means that you current OS is not trying to do anything fucky with a drive that it thinks should be doing something else - Who knows what it has configured to save / read there.

    It could be a power problem on the drive PCB, which would mean a donor drive being needed, and that's a new level of expense and ballache, as you need one that is closely matched not just in model but also serial.

  • Cheers, I think it's probably the later, as the original computer now has a new boot drive and OS installed, and it's given the same result on two other machines. I've ordered a SATA to USB adapter to try just in case but beyond that it sounds like my best bet is just going to be re-making my portfolio, which was the only thing I really cared about on there. It was all re-works of images I have elsewhere so perfectly do-able if a little bit galling.

  • These vents are for auxiliary fans right? They shouldn't be behind the CPU? My CPU is hitting 85 degrees, swapping the panels over didn't seem to make much difference. Might just need moar fanz.

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  • What does your cpu fan look like? Might benefit from a dismantling and cleaning of the heatsink...

  • ^ was going to say that.

    Usually the heatsink / cooler rather than the case fan. Case fans remove the heat from the case, but if your CPU takes a while to cool after getting to temp then it's the heatsink.

  • My cpu temp was creeping up a while back, and got to 85 degrees, with the fans kicking it at full power.

    Took the fan and heatsink off, the thermal compound had dried up. Cleaned, reapplied a sparing amount of thermal paste, CPU temp was immediately 30 degrees less.

    Which direction does the air flow through your case?
    Sucking in carpet dust directly through the side of your case over your cpu heatsink doesn't sound optimal.

  • Cleaning from dust, or is there a step beyond that? Probably a good place to start, you'd have hoped our IT contractor would have done it when he had it in last week, but probably not.

  • Mildly dust, but nothing much came out. Doesn't seemed to have helped:

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  • Yeah airflow doesn't seem optimal. In at the front sides, out at the back but the fans are quite weedy, just one 100mm-ish at each end. You could be on to something with the thermal paste also.

    Unfortunately it's my employer's property so I can't do much and have to wait for our IT contractor to sort it out.

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  • Soon...

  • That's all very well for children, I just wish they'd put as much time into making much squarer monitors for grown-ups. I'd be all over a 4096×3072 display

  • Huawei have a range of 4:3 display laptops now. Document writing heaven!

  • And Surface has had a 3:2 for a while

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PC Tech Thread

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