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  • Would love something like this. Trying to clean up about 60TB at the moment and wow is it dull.

  • I'm doing the same with about 20 partitions. Up to 12 copies of the same data.

    I'm doing it all manually, which is beyond painful.

  • CCleaner has a built-in duplicate file finder. There are other specialised programs too which may be more suitable for 60Tb

  • Is 2 x 8gb ram better than 1 x 16gb?
    Speccing a new laptop, mostly to be used for photo editing (Lightroom or Luminar 4, rather than full bore Photoshop)
    I imagine 16gb will be plenty sufficient, so unlikely to add more in the future.

  • Any suggestions?

    My stuff is mostly video if it makes a difference. 2 X 24tb raids and plenty of 1tb SSDs. Plus local space on about 4 machines I guess totalling another 8tb. Probably closer to 75TB total thinking about it.

    Was hoping Hedge or somewhere would have a solution.

  • 2x 8Gb will be better/faster because it can run in dual channel mode if the motherboard supports it.

  • The difference is not noticeable though.

  • Yeah, that's the problem with most of little performance gains, unless you add 50-100% increase it's hard to notice.

  • It does actually make quite a difference on a laptop, more than I thought.
    from this video:

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  • Thanks, confirms my thoughts

  • Ordered screen on Thurday from Scan, got it on Friday. Alas screen was a bit fucked
    1.) Polarizer had a 5mm mark

    2.) something rattling around inside
    3.) screen changed modes seemingly at random

    Spoke to Scan at 10:30 on Saturday morning, really helpful guy in customer services looked at the stock levels and wa able to advise that there were only 2 left, so advised If I could I should order a new one and return the first (as opposed to waiting for a replacement via RMA). I ordered another one at 11:00 on Saturday and got it by mid-day Sunday. I only paid for standard postage, I think nice customer service guy must have bumped up my delivery speed for me!

    Anyway, new screen came and Just about fits on my dual screen arms - 170hz is, literally, game changing

  • Hope your return goes well. Scan are usually pretty efficient for that sort of thing.

    Sounds like your first monitor was roughhoused by the courier maybe?

  • Solid service from Scan. These things always seem to happen with monitors. The Dell I'm currently using is a replacement as the first one had a problem with half the screen being stuck out of the box.

    Looks great.

  • @Stonehedge maybe yeah, box seemed fine, but who knows what happens in transit. Scan were great, customer service guy was talking to me about the screen as he wanted to get one himself, which I think helped. He even gave me some advice about 30 series cards - apparently the 3070's are the card the get the most stock of, and they deliberatly dont advertise stock drops so the site doesnt break. I wanted a 3060Ti, but I may have a whirl at getting a normal 3060 this week as they're launching. I can probably recoop most of the cost by selling my 1080 too.

    @Soul I think I have just been lucky in the past, I one had a stuck pixel I managed to fix it. Thanks again for the reccomendation, its a great screen - just need to get the cables a bit more out the way.

  • This was surprisingly easy. After looking at all the sites with nothing in stock I somehow ended
    up on the Lenovo website which listed some of the new gaming towers as in stock. So
    I tried my luck and it got delivered in less then 30 hours!
    Also got 10% off!

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  • Are you planning on using the whole machine? or just keeping the GPU and selling the rest

  • Ok that is surprising.

  • using the whole machine, my current one was from 2014.

  • Going to build an itx machine, likely the coolermaster nr200

    Any chipset advice? have a ryzen 2300x and probably won't upgrade for a bit, but wanted to know if there's much appreciable jump from A520 to b550 (don't think x570 is really needed)

    Won't be doing any mad over clocks but will be gaming and expect to upgrade to a new gen gpu soon ish

  • B550 should be the one then, they announced it should be compaible with the new 5000's

  • Depending on mobo you may need to flash the bios on the older chip before installing a 5000 series.

    edit: misread cpu/gpu

  • Having helped a few people chose a monitor recently, I'm now stuck making a decision...

    I'm stuck between one of these two 49" ultra wides or this 35".

    Primarily office use but will also do a bit of console gaming (hence PBP on the 49"s).

    Features required:

    • USB-C PD
    • 1440 min vertical
    • Speakers
    • 100Hz minimum

    Anything else I've missed?

  • The Phillips is only 60Hz isn't it?

  • Good spot - checked their site and it's 70hz not 60hz but guess I should really discount it.

  • G9. 240MHz. Do it.

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PC Tech Thread

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