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  • is there anything I can try?

    try yelling at it in german

  • got a new 4k monitor. Calibrated it two days ago but today turned my pc on and it has reverted. Anyone experienced this before?

  • Any recommendations for an ultrawide monitor, probably around 34"? Preferably something with USB C hub and power delivery so I can just use one wire to my laptop.

  • Not sure where to post this, but does anyone have any recommendations on any free, basic video editing software? Likely to splice videos together, include music and possibly voice over?

  • DaVinci Resolve is free and very well featured. Not sure I'd describe it as basic though.

  • Irony here is I found DaVinci easier (or at least more obvious) to use than the stupid editing tools from GoPro

  • Do we live in a world where I can get a laptop that can play recent games (think total war series, civ6 etc rather than shooters), and edit all my photos etc for around £1k or so?

    I haven't bought a new computer in years, other than a bit of ram, and feel a bit out of touch with what I'm looking for.

  • Yes.

    As my 6 year old one can do that stuff.

  • pcspecialist.co.uk for all your PC needs that aren't met by a bunch of cunts.

  • Anyway, I'd like to build a PC, and am looking for specification recommendations, as I've not specced a PC for over 10 years.

    It will be an office machine, but I'd also like to play games when nobody is watching, or I'm on really boring work calls.

    When not playing games, or playing around with big data sets, I'd like it to be pretty much silent.

    And I'll likely be running a 3 monitor set-up, which I'm guessing will mean two graphics cards.

    Does this sound like it fits the bill?

    • Ryzen 3600x
    • RTX 2070
    • Asus ROG X570-F
    • a whole bunch of RAM

    I've no idea if any of these work together, or if they are bottlenecked anywhere - any tips gratefully received

    (Budget is 2k)

  • Any particular reason why you want to build your own?

  • Definitely wouldn't recommend a 2070 right now. With any luck the 30-something cards will be easier to get hold of before long (3070 goes on sale Thurs but demand will be enormous), and they're loads better bang for buck. AMD are also launching new cards this week.

    Three monitors will work fine on a single card.

  • You can easily get a GPU with 3 video outputs so no need for two cards.

  • Comfortably that spec for under 2k.
    Don't need to build your own PC unless you particularly want to.

    Just looking at the 2k figure, if you can find a student to get the 20% then Dell Outlet would do you this for £1972.80 (2055+VAT -20%)

    The 'scratch and dent' is almost always extremely minor

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  • A 2080ti is a bad investment at this time as they are still wayyy over priced.
    Not sure why folks are advising against not self building, its just leecy Lego, plug it all in and go! Plus you save loads of money.

  • A 2080ti is a bad investment at this time as they are still wayyy over priced.
    Not sure why folks are advising against not self building, its just leecy Lego, plug it all in and go!

    Agree with all that. I was just picking an example of something comfortably better than the spec for the budget.

    Plus you save loads of money.

    Don't necessarily agree with that. The Alienware/Dell I have was the first machine I'd bought off the shelf for 15 years instead of building it. I couldn't have bought the parts for less than the cost of the machine, not even close. I'm not completely convinced Dell didn't misprice it at the time.

    I wouldn't advise against self building. I quite like picking the parts and, as you say, it's a piece of cake to build. I'd advise against self building if it's because you think you'll save loads.
    Probably the same arguments as building a bike / buying OTP in the sales.

  • Fair does, tbh I havent priced all that gubbins up on its own just parroting a potentially untrue assumption without checking, whoops...

  • Self-spec, rather than self-build, I should say.

    Even though it is leccy lego, I'm pretty ham-fisted...

    The flexibility of speccing it out myself means not having to make too many compromises, and still have scope for upgrading later.

  • Cheers for the input folks!

  • This is definitely an option that I'll look at.

    It will be through the company, as this will be a work PC, so if it's >2k I can claim the VAT back in any case.

  • While we're on the topic of multiple monitors, is it generally possible to use a PC's integrated graphics at the same time as a video card? I've started using one of my 'side' monitors in portrait rather than landscape mode for reading pdf documents (can't believe I didn't start using it that way ages ago) and I have now have space for a fourth in portrait mode, which I am now hankering after. Current graphics card has three outputs (all used) but that still leaves the two outputs from the integrated graphics gubbins.

  • Is this the thread for W10 problems?
    How hard can it be to transfer files between two W10 laptops over wifi?
    Impossible when Credentials Manager fails to recognise passwords.
    After lunch I'll be using usb sticks ffs.

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PC Tech Thread

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