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  • You have water cooling but still fitted fans in the case not attached to radiators?

  • Still need airflow. Fans at the bottom draw air in to maintain pressure inside the case.

    That's the theory anyway, in practice it's all redundant because none of the fans ever turn on. Originally built this with two water cooled GPUs, so its current state is completely OTT for the CPU alone.

  • I've used this and it works pretty well http://dimio.altervista.org/eng/#DSynchr­onize Has options for setting a timer or specific time or whatever. The only issue I had with it was I couldn't get it to run as a service, not an issue if you're not looking to synchronise whilst not logged on.

    Otherwise I'd probably create a batch file using robocopy and schedule it using task scheduler https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how­-to-quickly-back-up-just-your-data-in-wi­ndows-10-with-robocopys-multi-threaded-f­eature/

  • Windows synctoy is nice and simple.

  • Btw @freddo

    Error in previous posts about the machine... it has 16Gb of ram, not 4Gb.

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  • ooh cool. that's much better. Will drop you a PM

  • Will drop you a PM

    Sure thing. Didn't think i'd been stingy with the ram when building it out!

  • Hi everyone, so I've got this desktop with a 500W (label says) PSU in which I've placed a recent RTX 2060 Mini from Gigabyte. I have a i7-2600 and 16Gb in it.
    However Witcher 3 or Metro Redux crash after a couple of second up to a minute.
    Original Sin 2 seems fine, I have had it running in a window (Ultra, but reduced in resolution) for hours (while friends were playing on my server, I was just following them as I was busy doing other things).
    Yesterday we played, so I was full screen and it crashed a couple of times, then lowered resolution and down from Ultra and we played for hours (it crashed at the end when someone put an entire floor on fire).

    Could it be the PSU ?
    500W should be fine, but maybe it's a crappy one? (no brand)

  • Check the sticker on the side and see how many amps are on the 12v rail(s). If you look at these 2 the "420w" one has 28A while the cheapo "500w" one has 20A.

  • Thanks.
    Indeed was the cheapo PSU.

    Went for a Corsair RM850i, which is an overkill, but was found locally

  • I'm looking for a laptop for my dad, does this look like a good deal?

    i3-1005G1, 8gb ram, 256gb SSD, 15" FHD screen for £412

  • dell's are like the workhorse of laptops. it's hard to go wrong really with them.

  • Remember to cancel you order after a couple of hours of ordering and wait for them to call you to offer further discount. It’s worked for someone here recently?

  • The only comment I would say is that the SSD isn't massive. It would be fine for normal use, but I know some older genreations aren't in the practice of keeping on top of images saved to the machine etc. It should be fine, but one thing to consider

  • A question of my own, trying to find out if there is a simple reason why 2 different laptops (Windows Surface, Apple Macbook Pro) would have developed DNS lookup issues on a network (BT Home Hub 5), whilst another (Dell XPS) did not.

    All three have been on the network for months without issue, the only thing that has changed was that we set up an additional WiFi AP with a new SSID and P/W, but the two with issues wouldn't show an internet connection on either AP, and the one that worked fine would work on both

  • Forgot to post the build pics when I did this and, I just had to open the case to an another NF-A14 to max out cooling, so took the opportunity to snap a pic.
    Welcome to beige fan land...

  • Also does anyone want my old kit as a bundle?

    CPU: i7 2700k
    MoBo: P8Z68-V
    RAM: 4x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 MHz
    PSU: XFX Pro 750W 80+ Bronze
    CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro H80 AIO (however I think it needs more water this is free) + several 120mm black corsair 3 pin fans

  • How often do people on here do disk-health checks? I'm starting to get really anxious about data-loss.

  • Get yourself in a situation where you don't need to worry about data loss or doing disk checks.

    Why not sign up to a cloud backup service so you never have to worry about data loss if your disk does die?

  • That's exactly the kind of situation I'm trying to get to! I've got a hardly used external drive (250 uptime hours) reporting pending sectors, nightmare. Trying to consolidate my personal IT situation into something sensible and manageable is so time-consuming.

    Do you have any personal recommendations for a decent cloud back-up? Will ofc google too.

  • I use crashplan. It's one of the more expensive, at $10 a month BUT unlike a lot of home user back ups it has proper file versioning (for years). So say you delete a folder but don't remember for a year, no problem you can get it back.

    Do that with backblaze/cabonite etc... and it's gone (backblaze is 30 day retention, not sure on carbonite).

  • I really like spideroak. Not the cheapest but allegedly one of the most secure.

    I use an s3 bucket at Digital ocean and cloudberry backup software to do a nightly backup to USB and cloud

  • The important wrong bit there is the if. The disks do and will fail. :)

  • Thank you both. Backblaze looks about ideal for me.

  • I backup my data automatically with Onedrive. Got Office 365 plan with a monthly cost of less than £5 which includes 1Tb of cloud space with Onedrive.

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PC Tech Thread

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