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  • It's already on the outlet, has been for a few weeks. Look for XPS 7390 2 in 1

    Can tell it's the new one as the screen is 16:10 (3840 x 2400) rather than 16:9 (3840 x 2160)

  • No the 7390 2 in 1 always had a different screen ratio.

  • I have a 13" 7390 with a 10th gen i7 and can confirm that it does throttle a bit if not well ventilated - small form factor and all that - but when you get it raised up and get some good airflow (docked to monitor with space to breathe etc) it really is way above what I'd expected from such a little machine.

  • Ah, hadn't noticed there was another new one already. Wondered why they briefly switched the model numbers from 93xx to 73xx (and on the 15 inch too). But yep, does look like they've tweaked the design if not the spec on the newest ones.
    Shall also be keeping an eye on the outlet then, and likely try the 'buy then cancel and wait for them to phone back' trick.

  • Question: My XPS15 has a 4k screen, and when I'm at home or work I like to plug it in to an external monitor.

    The problem is that my external monitors have a much lower PPI, and I so can't use the monitor and laptop screen simultaneously. I haven't been able to get per-monitor scaling to work well in Linux.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is the solution to get a 4k monitor? Do Windows or OSX handle variable scaling well?

  • The naming conventions still make absolutely no sense to me!

  • So just looking and it all boils down to either a 13xps or 15 inspirion. Basically same specs in each.

  • 13" XPS is a way better machine.

    Not on specs, but on how it feels and what it's like to live with.

  • 15 Inspiron feels big. We have some at work and they look massive.

  • Is it fucking heavy too?

  • Lovely! Looks great too and the battery life is yum.

  • Not too bad. Although I'm probably still comparing it to something with a cd drive in my mind.

  • yeah, it's fucking heavy. If I could go back in time, I would have gone for the 13

  • macOS handles it well.

  • Anyone know of the HP/Compaq led flash code for faults? Have an old 2510p laptop that is the best size for working but now has stopped working...

  • Wow. 144hz screen's are quite the treat. My new laptop turned up and I'm really happy with it. Especially for $810. Gaming performance is fantastic, but most importantly, thermal's are great.

  • Any recommendations for a laptop that will mainly be used for internet access?

    I work from home so have a work issued dell laptop, docking station, screen and keyboard etc, and the wife has a nice xps I used to use from time to time, but now she has set up her own business she pretty much has the personal laptop 90% of the time, so I'm thinking about getting something cheap for myself.

    I was thinking chromebook but the tinfoil hat in me doesn't like how much visibility google has on my life, so would like something I could run ubuntu on, and I've read it's not that straight forward on a chromebook.

    Would also be nice to get something that works with my dell dock for monitors, power and wired internet.

    What do the experts of lfgss recommend? Something used? I'd quite like to be able to just walk into a shop and pick something up.

  • thinking about getting something

    would like something I could run ubuntu on

    be nice to get something that works with my dell dock for monitors

    have you considered just getting a dell laptop?

  • I have, but I guess what I am wondering is if a standard laptop is the best option, or would I be better off with a chromebook, or even a tablet.

    Can you get a tablet with a usb-c that works for power and display with a dell dock?

  • Why can’t you use your work laptop for personal stuff? Everyone does that, no?

  • Loads of people do it but if lots of jobs it puts you at significant legal risk or at very least can be a sackable offence in certain types of job.

    I'm mainly refering to consulting roles, government work etc etc

  • Yeah I'd rather not use my work laptop for personal stuff tbh, partially because of the above, and partially because I don't want to accidentally be contactable on evenings or weekends.

  • 2nd hand dell xps13 seems like the obvious suggestion.

    Iirc the ones from 2017 are a good shout, but can't remember for sure if that's right or why - feel like there may be an 8gb on that easily upgrade go to 16gb, or it might be 4gb to 8 gb.

  • Shame you missed my surface pro that I was selling a few days ago. Gone now.

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PC Tech Thread

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