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  • So managed to speak to OCUK, long conversations... but they have agreed to replace the motherboard, refund the price differene for both the AMD chip and the motherboard, which according to today's price, it's £60 in total... yesterday's price, it would have been £90... oh well, at least the threat of sending the whole machine back to them did make them think twice...

    We will see what happens with the new motherboard, if it's still fucked then I will return the whole thing...

    Thanks for all your help so far!

  • Need a new keyboard and mouse combo for my WFH/home office. Current mouse is being a dick. Will consider wired if good enough but wireless is preferred.

  • Asking for my boss - anyone knows any good quality wireless, that is without a USB receiver so completely no wire no plug no nothing webcam? And wireless conference mic?

    I think they are not common but I said I’d ask.

    Money isn’t really the main factor as long as they don’t cost too many arms and legs.

  • Good quality + wireless = expensive in my experience.

    Is there a reason for wireless other than perceived clutter? Is it a permanent conference / meeting room? I.e. you don't need to change location each meeting? If it's permanent get a ceiling mic installation. Will be much better quality and always work/won't need to be charged/won't get lost/pilfered etc.

    Starleaf might have something.

  • Because wires are the devils work.

    I’ve accidentally bought a Louqe Ghost.

  • What @chrisbmx116 saus basically. I don't have a problem with a few cables but my boss has a Surface Go and he wants to be as mobile as possible.

    He is a a director level so he goes to conferences / meetings etc etc so he wants wireless everything which makes sense. I have warned him about connections / battery / quality already but he wants to try.

    How expensive are we talking about. He has a reasonably sizable budget for stuff like this.

  • Anyone want to P/X a different GPU with my Vega 56, may need something that runs a bit cooler and uses less power.

  • Need your expert eyes, PM'd you.

  • I'm far from an expert, but will look out for PM...

  • So PC drama update:

    OCUK cannot replicate the issue no matter what they try... They also said that my videos are showing no fault when they are very obviously there...

    so I threw the 30 days return policy to them and in the end, they are going to put in a different motherboard and call it a day. They are going to put this in:


    Good luck with whoever they sell my faulty motherboard to... I just hope they don't need the front USB port nor Bluetooth.

  • Forgot to say as well, those of you who like my Keychron keyboard, they have just started a new kickstarter campaign for a new 65% keybaord.


    I didn't have to pay any import tax or VAT and to be fair, delivery was pretty fast Kickstarter standards.

    Think I will go for a cheap one this time...

  • Last KS I backed took years to deliver, so I look forwards to a long flat parcel sometime next year.

  • what was it?

    I have been lucky that all my KS projects have arrived more or less according to what the creators say.

  • PiJuice. I think they went through a couple of engineers on the PCB layout and revisions.

  • I've been shucking hard drives today. Upgrading my 4TB WD Reds with a pair of 12TB monsters I pulled out of some external WD hard drives. Only $180 USD each!

    Holy shit though, 8hrs to rebuild the raid array...

  • What mail program do you guys use on Win10?

    Been using Thunderbird for ages but it seems to look and feel really outdated.

    Looking to have one solution for a couple of POP3 / IMAP accounts.
    Is the built in “Mail” any good, are there better options, or should I just continue using Thunderbird?


  • So I should get my PC back in a couple of days but I suddenly have a thought to the problem of the front USB ports, and sorry if some of you have already stated the obvious before (other than my wasting my time on this build)...

    As I have said before, they work independently fine but when I put in 2 things, only 1 port works. It’s not a power drain issue as the combo I tested are a mouse with a flash drive or something... Some of you have said it’s a dodgy cable, but isn’t that one of the cables from the case itself? So swapping the motherboard wouldn’t solve the issue then? When I first spoke to OC, they said it was missing pins on the motherboards so which is which? Like I said, the ports work perfectly fine as long as only 1 of them is in use and when I looked inside the case, I think I saw 2 separate cables from the front ports... and I presume the pins are on the motherboard not the cables?

    They are still going to swap the motherboard as the Bluetooth definitely is related to the motherboard...

  • Get 3 cables, 3 devices and a second machine.

    Then you can do enough combinations that you would be able to rule out or identify a dodgy cable, a dodgy device or a dodge motherboard. No point worrying until the machine comes back.

  • This is it, if it’s the case the I don’t want to send it back again as they are actually working on it tomorrow or Tue. They have now had it longer than I have. If it wasn’t for the discount the agreed and the fact that I can’t return the Win 10 copy. I would have asked for a refund...

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PC Tech Thread

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