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  • Not really necessary nowadays, the built-in MS stuff is fine. If you've managed to avoid one of the many Mac viruses then you're probably careful enough not to get a Windows one.

  • I use the free version of the Malwarebytes on my Mac and run a manual scan now and again and so far (touchwood) all has been good. :-)

    And I don't click things that I am not sure about...be that for free stuff or you might be at risk of this and that...

    Thanks! :-)

  • That'll be fine. The Windows of nowadays is great compared to the older ones.

  • I am actually really looking forward to using this machine. I think I will still always prefer the Mac OSX interface, but once you are inside a programme, almost every single progamme is identical with a couple of keystrokes difference... :-)

  • I pay for Eset. It's excellent. Have been using it since the Fprot days in the mid 90s.

    Why do I pay? Because it just works, no adverts, super low resource usage and zero maintenance.

    I only use their basic AV though, not their expensive "internet security suite.". I'm sure it's good but it's not for me.

  • Haven't used any 3rd party anti-virus or similar on windows for years. No issues at all.

  • This is a fair position to take.

    You would take extra precautions if you had lots of crypto wallets on your PC though 😬

  • Haven't used any 3rd party anti-virus or similar on windows for years. No issues at all.

    same, a good adblock like ublock origin tends to save most users from any virus infection opportunities too.

  • After some advise:
    My wife is after a new laptop, she has always used apple, but now wants to change to PC.

    The MS Surface 3 Laptop 256GB SSD 16GB RAM Intel i7 is what she would like.
    I am wary its a bit pricey (about £500 more) compared to the equivalent Dell, but she doesn't like the design of Dell and still wants the build quality/feel of a Mac Book.

    Can anyone suggest another laptop that might be suitable?

  • Can anyone suggest another laptop that might be suitable?

    Has she looked at the XPS13 in person? Surprised she doesn't like it, especially coming from a Mac. Also is it that different in price spec-for-spec?

    My 2p, let her buy the one she wants. It will save you both time.

  • Have a look at Zen books?

    They are slim and decent build quality. Not quite Mac book but not the price, either.

  • The Dell XPS 13 is lovely. If I was after a window PC, that's what I would get. You get much more specs with your money.

  • How could one hack into your computer? Just asking... :-P

  • After about a week, my ServiceNow ticket finally got assigned to someone useful. I lugged the 24kg behemoth to the other building yesterday afternoon and got an email after lunch saying it was ready, so I went and lugged it all the way back again. It has handles, but they're not comfortable.

    Windows Experience Index of 7.8, but I'm not sure how high that scale goes.

    Now that I've logged in on it, I have to wait a few days for it to appear as one of my machines in the software requesting system. Can't get much done with only Office 2016 and a chat client.

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  • Yes this is what happened, we went to a PC world with most models on display and a decent discount on a Surface book 2. They threw in a pen too which was good.

    She's happy so that's all that matters

  • How much did you get it for? I notice the SB2 price constantly on the MS store (8gb, i7, 256gb is at £1450)

    However, now pondering just getting the base Surface Laptop 3 (i5, 8gb, 128gb ssd) at £879 now I've found out you can replace the SSD pretty easily.

  • Help!

    I'm trying to install a Zotac GTX 760 which i aquired off this forum.

    The PC has 1x6 pin and 1x2 pin PCIE cables, the previous GPU just required the 1x6 pin to be inserted.

    The new one doesn't work with just the 1x6, and doesn't have anywhere to plug in the 1x2. I'm guessing i need to buy something to plug into the other 1x6 slot on the GPU, but i don't know where i should plug the other end of this cable into, therefore i don't know what cable to buy.

    Can anyone advise?!

  • is that what i need?

  • Yes that'll do it. I know it seems very obvious but just check the PSU in your PC has a lead with two 4-pin heads spare to run this from.

    It's also worth checking the power demands as at full draw the card may want more than the molex is rated to supply. I don't know exactly what molex is rated to but IIRC PCIE 6-pin is about 75w, and that card at max is 150W, so as long as it is safe for the other 75W it's all good.

  • Thanks

    I think I have two spare molex, will investigate tomorrow.

    I don't think the current draw is going to be an issue as it's shares between the PCIE slots, the existing 6 pin connector and now another molex to 6 pin connector.

  • How many computers have they sent me? This is a fucking giant box! 🙄 we struggled to get it through the front door because of the angle between my 2 front doors and the hallway being full of bikes... 😅😅😅

    And shame need to go out now so the grand unboxing and plugging in will have to wait till this evening... ☹️

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  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • So my PC is up and running and so far so slow... the WiFi was playing up all night at night... ☹️

    Anyway, I don’t understand why the machine won’t wake up sleep? I set it to go to sleep after 5mins of inactivity and usually tapping the keyboard or clicking the most would wake it up but it doesn’t.

    The only way to wake up he machine is by pressing the button.

    I have already check the power management settings and both the keyboard and mouse are set to ‘allow this device to wake this computer.’

    can anyone help?

  • What do you mean your WiFi was playing up all night?

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PC Tech Thread

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