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  • Bin it off! Vega is far better...

  • Forum price of 175?

  • I should really be upgrading my CPU first, but then I'll need to also get a new mobo, and may as well get some quicker RAM while I'm at it. This could get expensive.

  • Just ordered this mechanical, programmable bad boy having fried my Microsoft Sculpt by spilling a drink on it. Well excited.

  • Considering the Vega's not far off the 1080 performance wise, for £175 it's probably the better deal. I've no problem if you opt for that instead.

  • Dont sell the 1080 to @sumo! its me that wanted it, I still do!

  • Shit, sorry. Getting my wires totally crossed!

  • Whatever Spotter is paying you I'll offer £1 less

  • The Kinesis turned up and I'm actually quite disappointed. There's nothing inherently wrong with it - in fact it's a real pleasure to type on but being used to the laptop-style keys on the MS Sculpt, these keys feel so far away from each other and it actually hurts my fingers having to reach as far as I am to some keys, so I'm going to return it. I totally understand why people like mechanical keyboards though - feel like I've been missing out for years...
    So I ordered a 40% and 65% keyboard to see if those sizes work better for me. Ideally I'd buy something wildly ergo like the image below but they involve a lot of DYI, which I'm not really up to, so need to figure that out:

    I did also try Dvorak in the hopes that the superior key placement would help me reach less, and it did, but I don't have the time at the moment to learn a new keyboard layout. Took me about ten mins to write a three line email...

  • 65% keyboard

    Are the keys actually placed closer together, or just less of them?

    I got a LH mechanical keyboard lest year and it's helped me so much, both with moving my hands less, and joint pain. Occasionally I start looking into custom boards and then back out before I go down the rabbit-hole. I might be tempted to build a custom number/hotkey pad one day though.

  • I did also try Dvorak in the hopes that the superior key placement

    Myth. If it happens to work better for you, fine, but pretty much all the claims made about Dvorak and the criticisms of Qwerty are 24 carat bullshit.

  • The key jumps were absolutely smaller. Without a shadow of a doubt. Eg I didn't feel like my fingers were dancing around the keyboard, but I didn't enjoy it at all. Hopefully the smaller 40 and 65% keyboards I've ordered will alleviate this.

  • Oh, you're talking about the specific technical advantages of the physical shape of that particular product, not the Dvorak vs Qwerty letter arrangement? My bad assumption, then.

  • Well, both. I was talking about being disappointed with the split Kinesis keyboard because the keys themselves were far apart vs what I was used to, so that in itself is causing me to have to reach further than I usually would.
    I was also talking about feeling like my fingers were dancing less when I used Dvorak briefly. It certainly felt like I was reaching for keys less.

  • I like the tray in the middle to keep your Hersheys in.

  • The new AMD Ryzen stuff looks bonkers. Almost tempted to build something with it just to see how Blender does.

  • due to receive my new desktop start of September based on Ryzen 9 3900x, will let you know how it performs...

  • 🙋🏻♀️🙋🏻♀️Here too! Should have built mine too but life keeps getting in the way... currently, it’s looking to be a Christmas project.

  • This 40% is actually really nifty. Totally fixed the key reach issues I was having. SUspect I will end up using the 65% though. Using layers instead of having a dedicated number/punctuation row takes just a little bit too long when writing long emails. Really lovely to type on though:

  • Sticky shift key tho

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PC Tech Thread

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