Koga Miyata Gents Racer

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  • So, this is my very first build. I've actually been lurking this forum for a while gathering information, which has been a great help. So I reckon it's only fair that I post some pictures now that it's done.

    I'm slowly getting used to riding fixed, definitely with the occassional "oh, shit!!" moment in there, however it does feel like I'm progressing and I've not fallen off yet. Riding my singlespeed now feels slightly disconcerting. So basically I've ended up being slightly freaked out both when riding fixed and singlespeed.

    I ended up with two brakes because the Berlin police are fairly insistent that you should have two brakes on your bike (they'll take the bike if not) and the frame kind of needs two brakes as well.

    Anyways, parts list:

    Frame: Koga Miyata Gents Racer 56 cm
    Wheels: On-One 120mm Clincher Wheels
    Tyres: Maxxis Re-fuse 25c
    Brakes: Shimano 600 Arabesque
    Brake levers: Promax Retro
    Headset: Shimano 600 Arabesque
    Stem: Sakae Royal 135 mm NOS
    Handlebars: Unknown 480 mm with Brooks antique leather bar tape
    Seatpost: Campagnolo Victory
    Saddle: Selle Turbo
    Chain: KMC Kool Chain K710 - 1/8"
    Crankset: Sugino Messenger RD2 165 mm - 44 t - 1/8"
    Cog: On-One - 15 t - 1/8"
    Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Ravager

    Lots of big-ass pictures:

  • OMG, where is the bike? I only see some black squares.

  • Joking, but I like this A LOT. One of the best looking conversions I have ever seen. Like the bar setup and long stems suits it well.

  • Woow what a great job for a first conversion :).

  • Thanks a lot guys :) Glad to hear all the research paid off. I was literally dreaming about the build for a while.

    I've been wondering if I should throw a Brooks (B17?) saddle on there instead of the Turbo?

    I originally didn't, as they're so expensive and thought they were slightly overused as well. Also, I was hoping that the bar-tape would end up matching the Turbo saddle with a bit of wear, however this doesn't really seem to be happening.

  • Great bike, and awesome pictures! I'm working on a koga build as well at the mo..

  • " I was literally dreaming about the build for a while."

    we al do this :P

  • Twofakie: Thanks. Did you post your build in CP? I'd love to see what you come up with.

  • bit similar to my own koga, they nice frames though your pics are much nicer than mine!

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    • James -  Koga - openpros1.jpg
  • Great work! Like the conversion. I'm also in the middle of a koga fixed build :)

  • Absolutely stunning.

    Nice work!

  • JJ: Yeah, they look very similar, quite like the decals on yours. The way they're built up is pretty close as well. Is yours the same greenish colour as mine?

    mmp: Thanks :)

  • JJ: Yeah, they look very similar, quite like the decals on yours. The way they're built up is pretty close as well. Is yours the same greenish colour as mine?

    mmp: Thanks :)

    yes mine is same greenish colour though yours is in better nick than mine

    similar build too with black hubs and black rims i think. though i like the cromed bits on your forks and stays

  • ArthurFrayn, I havent posted anything yet, sofar i've been busy collecting everything i need to get started. I just need a few tools now...Ill post some pics soon...
    I'm building a fullpro with dura-ace parts that im taking off a gents-luxe-s.

  • beautiful bike with beautiful photograph.

  • Nice bike! The modern and classic vibes go well without clashing - altho personally I would maybe go for different pedals. Bars and brake levers look great. I've stolen your pictures to put in a thread I've got going to showcase nice Koga Miyatas, hope you don't mind. http://www.lfgss.com/thread84153.html if you're interested!

  • Thanks, that's exactly what I was trying to do.

    I get what you're saying about the pedals, they do look slightly clunky, would be great if they were just slightly smaller. However, I really had problems finding all black pedals with room for the straps and those were ~£15.

    If anyone has suggestions for pedals that would fit, it'd be appreciated!

    Oh and cool thread, some nice kogas in there :)

  • You could maybe try something like these Wiggle | MKS MT Lite Pedals Flat Pedals

    Black and silver rather than all black, and not beautiful but a bit less clunky.

    But if the current set-up works for you then no real reason to change.

  • Looks like they should fit your straps:

  • Yeah, had a look at those (or some very similar), but I really wanted all-black pedals.

    Guess I'll stick with what I have now, this constant urge to change everything is too expensive!

  • classy conversion!! would love to know where you got the cable housing from??

  • Thanks! I got the cable housing locally here in Berlin, don't quite recall what it's called.

    However Jagwire make something similar: http://jagwireusa.com/index.php/products­/v/Ripcord_Brake_Kits

  • good find! thanks!
    though at those prices i may be spending more than the original bike, but i guess that's the way it goes!

  • very nice...congrat!!!:)

  • The same frame (only bigger) was just sent to me today! The seller already sent it, and I forgot to ask about the measurements. Maybe you can answer. :)

    What's the seatpost size on yours, 26.8mm? Brake reach?


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Koga Miyata Gents Racer

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