Encrypt all the things!

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  • Thanks.
    Will listen.

  • My winter reading sorted

  • That article was a fascinating read. Unbelievable sentence for the dude running the server though.

  • Signal to ditch SMS component:

    So, presume I'll just being going back to the default Messages app on the Pixel and Samsung (or maybe https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai­ls?id=com.simplemobiletools.smsmessenger­&gl=US)

  • I didn't even know signal did SMS

  • It's been my default SMS app since I installed it. You long click the send button to send an SMS

  • Upgrade Tailscale before you install Windows 11

    If you didn't, fix is: https://tailscale.com/kb/1023/troublesho­oting/

  • Well, Tailscale updates are a hot topic in hippy land.. .


    Tailscale has recently been notified of security vulnerabilities in the Tailscale Windows client which allow a malicious website visited by a device running Tailscale to change the Tailscale daemon configuration and access information in the Tailscale local and peer APIs.

    To patch these vulnerabilities, upgrade Tailscale on your Windows machines to Tailscale v1.32.3 or later, or v1.33.257 or later (unstable).

  • Any reason not to sync Firefox across devices?


  • I used to do this, but self-hosted. It was insanely useful.

    Then FF changed too much between versions, and so did python, the whole thing stopped being possible, and because nobody uses FF anymore (the fools), maintenance / development of it stopped entirely.

    Which doesn't answer your question , but I don't care, you're not my mum.

  • I see. I still like FF for my personal browsing. I don't sync any browsers currently but it would be useful. (or would I just double my tabs)

  • From here, it looks as though everything is encrypted before it hits the servers, and can't be decrypted server side either.

    With that in mind, I'm tempted to start using it again.

  • Nope, no reason not to. It's end-to-end encrypted and has some nice features (like being able to open on desktop a tab that is open on mobile, etc).

  • So, if I sign up and sync I presume I'll need to pick a primary browser or something? Need to workout how to consolidate my laptop tabs.

    EDIT: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Firefox-Sync­
    In case of multiple devices with Firefox, which one is the master?
    Community Answer
    No device is master. All links from all devices are added together. The identical links are merged, others are added.

  • A hacky way would be to bookmark all tabs in a separate folder, sync that folder, then open all those bookmarks as tabs.

    Once you've done that, everything should sync up by itself.

  • Everything merges... changes have timestamps, and they're just merged in time order which produces the output of the sync. It's extremely hard to fuck it up... worst I've seen in a decade of using it is occasionally duplicating a bookmark. Actually, not true... worst is adding a new computer and vanilla install of Firefox to the sync group and getting the default menu items back. But in the big scheme of things... both happen so seldom it's fine.

  • Laptop isn't syncronising the Desktop's Containers or open tabs. It can see the Desktop's open tabs but it hasn't synced them for some reason. Nor has it created the containers I have on Desktop.

  • Microsoft needs to be a little bit less obvious with their spying on Teams, today LinkedIn send me a job ad from the company whose ad we are currently working on.

  • You're worried about MS and Teams???

    Whereve you been man????

  • Not really worried.

  • 😂


    I wish I was more tech savy like some on here. I have stupid targeted ads in spite of my effort.

  • Why would you assume Teams and not the browsing habits of everyone working on an ad for this company?

    There's got to be like an order of magnitude more chance it's just people in your org doing internet searches about said company and you guys are already linked because you work for the same company.

    Also, if this company is paying you to make ads, it's just likely they're also simply pushing more ads out via other means.

    Also, how do you know it's not LinkedIn? Someone in your team added them to a list of clients or chatted about them (does Linkedin have DMs? I have no idea)

    You can reduce obvious 'chat' data sharing by doing things like disabling gifs and link previews: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/micros­oftteams/teams-privacy-oce-overview

  • LinkedIn is the least of our worries. Many is the time I’ve be chatting to the Mrs after work about something random and a related advert pops up the next day on her Facebook or my Insta

  • It's not random though is it? Why are you talking about 'it'? Presumably because it's something you've recently shown interest in, maybe done a quick google of, etc and guess what, if one of you has googled it, well, guess who knows that you live together? Bingo! and now they're selling ad spots for sellers of the 'it' to the dataset of people that have a connection with someone searching for 'it'.

    Or they're just recording everything you say...

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Encrypt all the things!

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