Encrypt all the things!

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  • God damn iVPN running like a pig. Is every ISP trying to block VPNs

  • Does anyone here use a VPN / SOCKS5 proxy with Firefox / Chrome?

    I've just realised that most of the FF / Chrome addons that allow you to switch proxies will not actually send DNS requests over the proxy, and send them through whatever network interface you are using.

    If you set up the proxy manually via the browser network settings, though, it does seem to work

  • Unsurprisingly the Ubiquiti breach was way worse than they originally reported because, you know, stock price:


    Includes some gems such as:-

    ... the attacker(s) had access to privileged credentials that were previously stored in the LastPass account of a Ubiquiti IT employee, and gained root administrator access to all Ubiquiti AWS accounts, including all S3 data buckets, all application logs, all databases, all user database credentials, and secrets required to forge single sign-on (SSO) cookies.

    'Adam' says Ubiquiti’s security team picked up signals in late December 2020 that someone with administrative access had set up several Linux virtual machines that weren’t accounted for.

  • Lol


  • set up several Linux virtual machines that weren’t accounted for

    Who isn't using their employer's cloud accounts to spin up coin miners these days?

    "Oh, hi boss"

  • Used to be Seti@Home back in the day.

  • *ministry_of_serendipity laughs in bitcoin*

  • I ran that when I was into overclocking and had a unlimited ADSL account (they weren't common back then in Oz)

  • When the world was more innocent

  • looks like Zuck and the FB founders are all in the latest FB leak, and Zuck is an active Signal user 🤣

    edit: working link

  • With the FB dB breach is it worth getting a new mobile? Saldy mine was compromised.

  • Hey all,

    in know its not encryption, but more about protecting my pc, but whats the best, simpliest, free sandbox program? Sandboxie? Every now and again, i download something but it makes me feel uncomfortable

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Encrypt all the things!

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