Encrypt all the things!

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  • Ta for this. Ah I been using firefox will try chrome to view it

  • Facebook fucked up again...
    Data breach. 419million names and numbers
    Unprotected server...

  • I've been running my own mailserver for 3 years now, I ought to move it somewhere better really. who are people using for this?

    I'd like to be able to migrate all the old emails into it.

  • I've finally bought a yubikey... and cleaning up my passwords... I've run HIBP through my password manager and fuck me, some of my older accounts have been compromised ... like vodafone 892 times.... Thankfully its a deleted account.

    All its done is made me paranoid now... So much information could be out there.

  • Speaking of Yubikey, is it possible to set it up to hold more than one password? Can you set it up as a key for your pc?
    And can one set it up to be used in conjunction with a memorised password? So far its acting as my only password. Which is fine, i guess, but i would rather in act in conjunction with a memorised password.

  • Warp 1111 came online for me today, but there‚Äôs a catch

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  • As soon as WARP came online for me my internet crapped out, VPN constantly connecting and disconnecting. I've removed the app for now, will see in a week.

  • Yep, it seems very buggy for me too, was working fine.

  • Can one stack vpns? Can one set up a vpn to route to another a vpn?

  • To or through? Yes and yes. Will depend on what device(s) you're talking about though.

  • Warp seems to work fine on my phone but as there's no adblocker I'll stick with Blokada and custom DNS for everyday use and I guess I'll still use PIA with custom DNS for when I want a VPN.

  • Not on Android. Only 1 VPN at a time.

  • Hence mentioning the device limitation. You could route it through an external VPN though so you could tunnel to and through as many layers as you want (theoretically).

  • If you're ok with renting your own VPSs, with root access, you can chain ssh tunnels together.

  • Through... Warp via pvn? Or vice Versa?

    Warp slows my connect down.

  • What problem would passing VPN traffic through another VPN solve?

    Assuming the first VPN isn't a work network.

  • Warp+ is good. Very fast.

  • If it was possible on Android it would be useful as I could run NetGuard for blocking domains as well as running my normal tunneling vpn whatsit for popping up in the US or France or whatever.

    But I don't know what ChainBreaker is trying to do.

    EDIT: Yes, I realise NetGuard isn't a proper VPN it'd just be nice to be able to run two VPN services on the phone.

  • Warp+ seemed fast downloading on my phone but incredibly slow uploading.

  • Blokada does have an option for a VPN as well as the ad-blocking via domains stuff.

    It's not clear who's providing the VPN though and their policies on data retention and disclosure and the like are almost non-existent so I wouldn't go with them.

  • Is Authy still the most sensible 2fa?

    Using android.


  • IMHO yes.

    Because it backs up the tokens, which is critical.

    I've got 31 2FA tokens in mine, and sod re-doing those if I lose my phone (I can remotely wipe the phone so don't regard this as a risk of losing the tokens).

  • Is anyone running their own pi-hole on a permanently connected publicly visible server?

    I'm seriously considering doing so... so that my phone and other devices will always have protection against adverts and malware.

  • Oooh, I'm not, but I am interested.

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Encrypt all the things!

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