Starting a cruiser?

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  • Hello! It's been a long time since I last wrote a post here. You helped me choose my first single speed (a fuji track which I am pretty happy with) and gave me advice with a previous cheap build I did for my girlfriend starting from a very old and rusty bike­H-xYwk/Tcb7aV2P7DI/AAAAAAAAAE8/xWQUmM9Om­lE/s1200/foto1.jpg­ARvpZ8/Tc5dBdvTtnI/AAAAAAAAAHo/XxjgnTWOa­Ck/s941/Untitled-1.jpg

    now I got an old, in bad condition, woman bike and I wanted to try some kind of cruiser. The main reason why I got this bike is because it was for free and because I want to see in my country how they do the powder coating. With my previous build (link above) I did the paint myself (spray), but I was on the phone with some people that could powder coat (after peeling off the paint) the frame. The cost was very very cheap (between 25 and 50 euros) which didn't encourage me....I didn't want to risk it. Now I have this 'new' frame, and I can use it as a test for this company that can do the powder coating. If they do it well, I may use the same company for more expensive frames in the future.

    The bike is this one­wU62SU/T2ynvl0omSI/AAAAAAAAAXA/LeROjaQZs­LQ/s655/Alurad.jpg

    I know that is nothing....I will use it only as a test and to do a bit of practice. Final result should be a comfortable ride for guests or for me when I don't want to go fast with the fuji. High handlebar, nice saddle, a bit of colours, leather grips or something like that. Maybe mudguards, of course singlespeed, with fatter tires than what it has now.

    In your opinion, can it turn into something 'beautiful' ? What components would you suggest? And obviously I wouldn't buy anything expensive...something nice but cheap. Thank you !

  • I think it has a certain charm just as it is.

  • I think edmundro's got a point.

    But if you are set on changing it....

    From the sounds of it you won't be using it in bad weather, so I'd strip it right down of any surplus parts (apart from the kick stand) and chuck the fattest black tyres you can on it. Also see if you can find an old black brooks saddle and maybe a black mtb-style stem that angles upwards to follow the line of the top tube. Keep the bars and levers.

    Then depending on what the wheels are like (are they steal?) I'd switch them for some velocity dyad's on some new hubs.

    Just my 2p.

  • Could be useful to havea tested powder coater local.

    I'd strip it down, get the frame powder coated, and build it back up as a shopper. Keep'n'clean what you can.

    The rack is ugly. But silver front and rear racks are trendy these days so expensive. Check some skips for a potiential replacement, and look for a front one.

    Would'nt cost much to produce something like this below (rubbish example, google skills are off today)

  • If by cruiser you mean .....

    .....the geometry is way off. Its a shopper, build a shopper.

  • radials on the rear wheel?

  • radials on the rear wheel?

    Theres like a thousand spokes. So providing the hub has enough flange to cope. It'll be fine for beach cruising.

    Stupid, but fine.

    Better cruiser.

  • That death-cruiser is the buisness. I hope only a real dirtbag rides that thing.

  • or sell it and put it towards this

    job done

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Starting a cruiser?

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