For Sale: Lush Brian Rourke Track frame 54x54

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  • Brian Rourke Track frame


    Bought back in Jan off eBay for a fair bit. so looking to get my money back. Desperately wanted to build this beaut up but unfortunately need to book my holiday soonish and have limited monies atm.
    Perfect for a summer track build!

    Built using Reynolds 653 tubing which is a step up from your standard

    Chromed campag ends

    the classic wrap-around stays :D

    54x54 (CTC)

    Very good! Some minor paint chips here and there (mainly on stays). No dents. Only been raced on the track. Chrome is pitting a bit, only needs to be touched up to look perfect. Not drilled.

    Comes with a campag chorus headset and a unknown BB, Both in fine working order.


    Here's a random selection of pics from my flickr:

  • Oh my! That is lovely!

  • Like proper lovely.

  • Good, it's too small for me.

  • Interested !!!!

  • Nice. Shadow on the first photo looks like some immense paint job..

  • Beaut.

  • Would you ship this?

  • Would you ship this?

    Perhaps...just perhaps your luck is about to change!

  • where are you based?

  • I love it. I want it.

    Upcoming holiday says no.

  • Don't usually like those white blue fade paint jobs but that is absolutely lovely.

  • Would you ship this?

    Yes sir!
    Are you UK based?

    where are you based?

    Sorry, completely forgot to mention that:S
    I'm based in Bristol.


    *Better than


  • Bump.
    Price drop!

  • That frame is a dirty slut.

  • Price drop!
    Come on peepz this is a great price for a 653 let alone a rourke!

  • I've already told you it's a dirty slut, i could no way take it home to meet my mom.

    So for that reason i'm out.

    Even though i want it and it's my size.

  • Brian Rourke track forks are simply some of the most beautiful ever made.


For Sale: Lush Brian Rourke Track frame 54x54

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