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  • So I brought a steel Langster a couple of years back, but about one year ago I decided it was time for a change, so completely stripped it down and decided to build it ground up using the shiny langster frame, not a particularly good one, but I like the finish. I have just finished it and put a few of those new Atomic 22 security skewers on it for good measure. I think it's worked out quite well and for a first build I'm happy with it, my one question is weather or not I should go for a polished h plus formation face, but i think it may just be one step to far as everything else appears to be extremely shiny :) so just wanted anyones opinions on weather or not to go for it? Thanks

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  • Nice parts. Don't personally like the saddle, but each to their own.

    I don't think a shiny h+son would be a good idea, but I think it would be a good idea to get a deeper section front wheel. Having deep on the back tends to unbalance bikes a little bit, i think.

  • Yeah, the saddles a bit hit and miss, I might invest in a concor sometime in the (near)future. Another reason for the formation face is the lack of a machined side wall, which I don't need anyway, but they have a normal silver one too, not sure it's worth £60 for the lack of a machined wall though :)

  • Any one have any views on what double tb14 would look like?

  • awesome! :)

  • Love it, thats what I wanted to hear, new wheel set, perhaps with goldtec pro's

  • She's a beaut!

  • cheers dude, changed bar position, looked silly

    also got a new tb-14 and dura ace 7600 on order for the rear, build it up as a fair wether wheel

  • I have a 7600 rear wheel on mavic open pro for 80 quid if you feel like repacking the hubs

  • haha bit late now, just ordered them!

    TB-14 would match the front though, cheers anyway

  • Hey bro

    where did you get your handlebar grips from?

  • Also how did you strip down the paint and how long did it take?

  • The grips are called Strong V, they're quite expensive for track grips but pu can find them on Tokyo Fixed Gear or Hub Jub. Cheaper options are avalible but these are awesome. And easy to apply with some hairspray.

    As far as the stripping goes, the frame came polished, I did none of the stripping, so can offer any advise. Try asking in current project chat and miscellaneous. Someone there might know.

    EDIT: can't offer any advise

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Langster frame

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