2012-05-12 - Hastings Hustle

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  • Original thread here, and with additional visual aids on my site here.

    Saturday, May 12th, time TBA but probably 9.00

    How far?
    ~80 miles

    How flat?
    There are some flat sections


    1. anothersam
  • unfortunately not in. my little legs wouldn't be up to the next days' "Town & Gown" ride, plus I'd never swing it with the missus to be out the WHOLE weekend on the bike!

  • You could use the upcoming Jubilee bank holiday as a bargaining chip, promising to spend it with her in exchange for being completely absent from her life for one little old meaningless-in-the-scheme-of-things weekend in May.

    As for the Town & Gown, if you confine yourself to the drinking part, which I understand can be equally helpful to the cause as long as you find sponsors, you should be fine.

  • Sam nice one! Hope you know my post in your other thread was suppose to be nice in spirit. Funny thread though. I'm away in the states for this otherwise I'd defo be in...

  • No worries.

    I think the main disincentives are the fact that it's hilly, and that it goes to Hastings. Fleeing to the states may be one of the milder forms of avoidance.

  • This bump sponsored by Rapha.

    The list of Hastings attractions now includes the Jerwood Gallery, bitterly opposed by residents hoping for another Poundland. The nearby Crazy Golf scoops up many a modern art lover professing lighthearted disdain for such plebeian amusements but secretly gutted by every missed putt.

    1. anothersam
    2. Hairnet

    I used to live in Hastings, still have fond memories of the place, would be great to visit it by bike and no slower than the f'ing train service...

  • bump, for anyone not on the town and gown ride...

  • Hastings in the news: Olympic torch celebrations start early.
    (Not helping?)

  • ^^ this is the day before the Town & Gown, I'm sure there'll be forumungers who'd like to do both! (not me thanks - my knees would give out)

  • I'd very much like to do this, although it is dependent on my work/poverty situation. I'll either bail in Burwash, as my folks live there, or ride back from Hastings. (Only relevant for groupsave planning.) Love the poster...

  • I'd love to, but in France then

  • Tourism campaign *("Hey, it worked for them")*, later scrapped

  • Ah Burwash, sweet Burwash. For added fun, rather than heading down Bateman's hill carry on towards Burwash Weald and try out Willingford Lane, East Sussex's own Alpe d'Huez, almost.

  • Funny you should call it that. Willingford Lane is on my list of haunts, and whenever I'm headed that way I tell my wife I'm doing the Alps. Just a foothill compared to the real thing, of course, but on SS it's Alp enough for me.

  • Far too many Land Rovers for it to be the Alps, not to mention the horses...
    Chapeau for the SS climbing, it's beastly enough when riding a geared bike...

  • Up-for-it-despite-lack-of-popularity?-buĀ­mp. Also let me know if you'd rather not do this in the event of bad weather. We can reexamine the forecast closer to the day.

    I'm planning on riding my trusty 46x17, but gears are welcome.

  • I'm still up for it. Will just ride to Burwash if no one else comes...

    1. anothersam
    2. Hairnet
    3. spybot
  • yup, I'm still go. Weather decisions are probably best left to the weekend! Could be all kinds of different weather before then.

  • Great, thanks.

    Stopped by Brightling this afternoon to slaughter a lamb to ensure the ride goes smoothly. It's a local tradition, along with sacrificing each previous year's lollipop lady in the wicker man on the green.

    1. anothersam
    2. Hairnet
    3. spybot
      4.Tonyme(gears lots of em )
  • If the weather is behaving...

    1. anothersam
    2. Hairnet
    3. spybot
      4.Tonyme(gears lots of em )
    4. SPS
  • I would really like to do this Sam, I've never been to Hastings and I was regailed with exciting tales of it as I had dinner with a Hastingsite (I don't think that's the right word) on Saturday night, plus your original thread (with diagrams) really should have attracted more interest.

    I currently seem to be taking a break from cycling though, so I'll see how I'm feeling later in the week.

  • come on then fox, hastings is well worth a visit!

    Sam, the start point is north side of waterloo bridge right?

  • Right. I'll post exactly where a bit later. Nice to see a few more names.

    I've never been to Hastings and I was regailed with exciting tales of it as I had dinner with a Hastingsite (I don't think that's the right word) on Saturday night

    Hestingorum gens, "the people of the Hastings tribe". Some of whom are very tall.

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2012-05-12 - Hastings Hustle

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