Insects and Spiders

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  • Big Privet hawk moth spied in Dorset

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  • Nice!!

    I watched an interesting Attenborough episode earlier that explained how moths jam bats sonar to prevent them being munched.

  • Had a hummingbird hawk moth in the garden this morning. No pictures as they move so bloody fast but was amazing to see it.

  • Shot a hummingbird hawk moth this week in the Dordogne.

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  • Great photo, fantastic creature!

  • A fly day. First up a Hairy-Legged Horsefly (Hybomitra bimaculata). If you get close enough to them, many of the horseflies have almost psychedelic eyes.

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  • and a Semaphore Fly (Poecilobothrus nobilitatus).

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  • Mostly dragonflies for me, yesterday.

    Common Darter, a beetle, Black Tailed Skimmer (F), Norfolk Hawker, Common Hawker.

    Not certain about the common hawker ID , but it's my best guess from the pics in my dragonfly book (Bloomsbury Field Guide - would recommend).

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  • Stabby Stabby even looking at it...

  • Nice photos. I think the last one is a Southern Hawker (female) - see­es/southern-hawker/ for some examples

  • Thanks for that!

    Also, thanks for your excellent hummingbird hawk moth pic. We had one in the garden at the weekend (first sighting) and I would have had no clue what I was looking at if not for your post. You were right about them being hard to capture - I got nothing. :-D

  • Bumped in to this beauty on a walk Sunday. About the size of a mini lighter for scale..

  • Ah cool I wasn't sure what type I thought stag but wasn't sure. Ta 😀

  • nsfw

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  • There seem to be many more cockchafers around than I have ever seen before - almost every tree on my walk home last night had a gang of them buzzing around the topmost branches, even the overhead power lines had them.

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  • Like a frikin gang bang.

  • Great lesser stag beetle shot. In about 20 years of living in the South London stag beetle area I think I've still only seen them twice. Only once when I've had a camera around.

    Got a full frame Sony recently and am getting much better results now, though need to make a better flash diffuser that doesn't constantly fall off.
    Some recents efforts below, major lack of anything unusual in our garden lately.

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  • They are great. My old phone had a great macro on it until I dropped it the new Samsung is good in bright light but struggles if its low light even heavy cloud. Those Sony pics are top especially love the ant one

  • Thank you - it turns out that throwing money at macro photography does lead to much better results.
    My £3 macro diffuser from China has just turned up so have at least economised there (though it's going to need a bit of modification to stop it slipping off).

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  • Drama in the greenhouse

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  • Green bottle doing golden hour

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  • Cool looking forward to the results

  • What's normal to the spider is chaos to the fly (wasp)

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Insects and Spiders

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