Insects and Spiders

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  • First butterflies of the year for me, 1 Brimstone and 5+ Small tortoiseshell

  • Shitloads of Brimstone on Boxhill. Never seem to settle / feed

  • Saw my first Brimstone of the year today too but no chance of a photo - far to flighty. Much easier was this slow moving Thistle Tortoise Beetle (Cassida rubiginosa)

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  • Masses of butterflies out in the sun today.

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  • My garden is chock full of ladybirds

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  • Spotted what I think was a Pantaloon bee borrowing between two patio slabs today

  • Dark-edged Bee-fly (Bombylius major) were everywhere on my walk today

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  • Hi @eskay, I think it's a bit early for Pantaloon Bees their flight season is June-August (­ntaloon-bee/). I think your bee is more likely to be a female mining bee - possibly a female Yellow-legged Mining Bee (Andrena flavipes)? They will be flying now and are quite widely distributed in southern England.
    Some photos for comparison with yours at­noptera/hym-30.html­-legged%20mining%20bee.htm

  • It looks like you are correct, I did notice the fly dates but could not find anything else that looked like it on the site I was using. Your link is much better! Bug season is starting to kick off!

  • I usually hear these before seeing them in my garden, noisy little devils!

  • A male Green Dock Beetle (Gastrophysa viridula) found on Dock (of course) this evening. I'm now using an Olympus Tough TG-6 for 'micro' photography­views/olympus-tough-tg-6-review . I'm really happy with the results so far.

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  • An Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) catching some rays yesterday.

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  • What an amazing beast!

  • What dis?

    I'm assuming it will suck my brains out while I'm sleeping with that giant face spike.


    Bee fly 'Bombylius major'

    Beeflydeathsquito, surely?

    (First search result for "spike faced flying cunt uk")

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  • Haha, long nectar sucking device rather than brain feed tube.

    Horse flies however can fuck off. Basically surgical scissors with wings.

  • Evolution is an amazing thing.

    Parasites are Gods children too.


  • ....and then they get elected into the House of Commons.

  • An on thread-topic photo from a walk in the woods today - insect and spider in one (slightly out of focus) image. The spider is, Misumena vatia, or the Flower Crab Spider. It doesn't use a web but instead it uses stealth and surprise to catch it's prey: in this case a fly.

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  • Garden is coming to life again.

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  • So many great pics in here recently, thanks all!

  • Nice spider pics!

  • Myathropa florea, a common high-summer hoverfly out a few weeks early, basking in the evening sun.

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  • Really pleased with this one - found a Green Nettle Weevil (Phyllobius pomaceus) this evening. Looks just like a miniature shining green moose ...

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  • Hanging about at my work

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  • Got this monster in the living room, seems to have made home between the window and secondary glazing. Probably eat me in my sleep tonight.

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Insects and Spiders

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