Insects and Spiders

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  • Inspired by this thread­st2737083
    which I thought was about the obvious but will include it here also as it is necessary information.

    This is a thread for budding entemologists and those with arachnid/Insect stories.
    Beyond whats below ( Pure sensationalism) it could include identification, will this bite me (the false widow and general house spider rumours/legends)­e-spiders-1901611.html

    C'mon awesome inscects/arachnids you have actually encountered and specific weird shit like this :

    Insects eating animals brings out the shiver factor.

  • Bumping this very old thread...

    I love spiders. I honestly don't think I have purposely killed a spider for over 15 years. (I do confess I accidentally washed a tiny spider down the bath last year, and have been racked with guilt over this for ages).

    There are always one or two spiders around my home but I noticed today there are 5 spiders, about 1 - 2 cm long all inside my front door. I took great care not to vacuum them up. I always name spiders and seeing as there were five of them, they are named after Take That - Gary, Robbie, Howard, Mark and Thingy.

    I realise that by having quite a few spiders means that soon they are likely to breed. In my house.

    I don't want to kill them but I don't want to look like the weirdo spider woman either.

    Advice and thoughts please,

  • Leave them be. My gf is/was shitscared of spiders and even she doesn't kill them now, just gets the nearby ones taken outside by me.

  • Just take them outside. A glass jar (so you don't accidentally injure them) and a piece of cardboard are all you need.

  • kill them with fire

  • I personally leave them where they are, sometimes I downsize their webs but I leave them do the "cleaning" job :)

  • +1 for generally leaving them, but if it's a house spider trying to set a new land speed record across the floor they'll be escorted from the premises.

    There was also that time when a good quantity hatched in the bathroom and started to scatter everywhere (it was like that scene in arachnophobia in miniature) so they were shown the door also as I wanted them to see the world before settling down in my place. yes yes /csb

  • They make them bigger in the Greek islands. He was waiting in the bedroom for our return - I showed TheoryGirl true bravery by being the last one to run out the room screaming. I have no full-blown phobias, but my dislike of spiders gets close. Cannot bear them. We slept elsewhere that night.

  • that's an actual bird eating funnel web. Would have killed you soon as look at you.

  • Not a massive fan of spiders but I find thinking about how much bigger/more poisonous they are in other countries makes dealing with the ones we get a lot easier.

    There's a slightly strange guy live down the stairs from us and when I went to collect a parcel he'd taken in for me recently I noticed he has a poster in his hall with loads of bugs, I have now christened him BugGuy and have come up with stories about how he's a retired entomologist and has tanks full of spiders and beetles etc. freaks the mrs right out!

  • That they are found among imported produce is one of the staple stories concerning animals:­rrifying-4inch-tarantula-found-in-bunch-­of-bananas-at-camden-hospital-a3407926.h­tml

    I just read about these; I didn't realise that they are so vulnerable to falls:­-costa-rican-tiger-rump-tarantula

  • The big ones are very delicate, their carapace is surprisingly thin, especially in relation to their size and weight.
    My mate's aunt was an exotic dancer and she had pythons, spiders, scorpions and such, to use in her act.
    A bird eating spider fell off her tit mid-act and died, leaking and twitching, right there on the stage.
    It really took the edge off the sexy moment, by all accounts.

  • top lol

    rip spider, never 4get

  • If it was a bird eating spider, what was it doing on her tit?

  • You should know by now that GL is incapable of telling any story without double entendres.

  • I don't get all the outrage of finding exotic spiders in bananas. It's the ultimate globalisation model of getting a free toy in a box of cereal, only you get an awesome pet.

  • ^^ nope and fucking ^ nope

  • Bullet Ant ritual can fuck right off....

  • Fuck me. All new kinds of respect fo Backshall.

    Worst part is I seen before but completely forgot.

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Insects and Spiders

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