What's going on in the Poloverse

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  • Allen Fin!

  • Yasssss!!!!!' Fin!!!! Doing all the work!!!!

    Bon chance Luca. 😉

  • Apparently CMD are not 2015 French Champs having lost in a second final game 3-2 to Dodi, Morgain and Alex.

    Can't screenshot for proofs though because the followpodium.com domain registration has expired. #fail

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  • Oh là là.

  • Followpodium hasn't been the URL in a while I think.


  • Fin playing with Albatar take fourth too.

  • well done fin, great work birds. Unlucky Luca and papa's

  • Some of the backs of your heads will be famous. At least amongst the 3 people who will read this article: http://www.nahardcourt.com/nahbpc-format­/

  • lpc!

  • Just wanted to give another reminder for this ahead of the weekend, but totally understand its also the prudential event at st.pauls.

    Earlier this year Birmingham bike polo lost one of our polo players; Viki - She was a super fun person who brightened up our polo sessions every time she was there! We'd like to honour this memory with an awesome throw-in day just how she would have liked it!

    Come down/up to Birmingham and play a full day of throw-ins with us, eat BBQ food, drink a couple of beers and enjoy the sunshine (can't promise this).

    If anyone wants to stay over on the Saturday evening before then we can put you up. Just let us know.

    It's on Sunday August 2nd and we'll be there from 10am. The address is our regular throw-in court: 145 Alcester St Birmingham, West Midlands B12 0PJ

    Please come along and bring your friends!

  • If anyone else fancies making a weekend of it, I'm going to Cannock Chase for some MTBing on Saturday with Emma. Camping so there all day.

  • Will bring some Cambridge bike polo balls, PM me any special orders.

  • I am hosting the Emerald City Open this year, took the job on a bit last minute, but it is coming together.

    Saturday - Two groups, regular swiss, 12 min games, unlimited goals.
    Sunday - Two brackets, a top 8 single elim and bottom remainder single elim. 20 minute games, unlimited goals.

    Shotgun disputes on a ref's call or lack thereof.
    Mercy rule is optional if a goal differential becomes 10 points or more in a game
    Golden goals on Sunday will be played 2v2

    Wanted the format to make the seeding more valuable as well as provide competitive games for all teams without spending all day at the courts.
    Extra rules are just to make it a bit more fun.

    Follow along here https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/eco3

  • I need a team!!

  • Streaming of this Geneva week end tournament here: https://www.youtube.com/c/GenèveVéloPolo­GVPTV
    Some good teams to fallow:

    • WEGADRIVE (q, tomas, Will)
    • NICHONS (gas, quent, val)
    • THE BIRDS (morgan, dodi, lefty phil)
    • Les bidons veulent le guidon (Silvio, Cal, Felix)
    • TBA (Punch, Alex Capitaine, Dani)
    • DYONISOS (Rthouin, JThouin, Ben)
    • Super Mario Bro (Mario, Martin, Jojo)
    • Stars (Théo, Quentin C, Nico)
    • Peinture (Elena, Attila, Thomas)
    • TARTE TATIN! (Brice, Tijs, Mass)
    • System D (Dorian, Michel, Nath)
    • GVP T 2 (Patou, David, Manu)
  • poster by Tomas M.

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  • Beautiful poster!

  • Finals happening, dope games!

  • Birds Vs Nichons: Final of countryside coming soon:

    Some issues with podium: challonge here:

  • Results of ECO III

    1st: The Control (Shitty, Forrest, Ace) / Tiight (Arlyn, Dana, J-Lo)
    2nd: Echo (Dusty, Emmet, Sterls) / Unfashionably late (Drizzle, Drizzle, Drew)
    3rd: Jagwolves (Max, Scooter, Elliot) / ŸPS (Mark, Donnie, Stiven)
    4th: Zoltan (Aaron, Fletcher, David) / Murder (Elise, Miguel, Sasha)

  • //////// WILDCARD REGISTRATION INFO \\\\\\\\\\\
    Registration for the available free slots will be done tonight from 19:00 untill 21:00 GMT+1 (CET) time.
    To do so, you must fill out the following form.
    *** Emailing Zaragoza bike polo will still require you to fill out this form. ***
    You have 2 hours to register a team. At 21:00, the registration will closed and a raffle will be done to select the few lucky ones as well as a waiting list. We will need the name of your teammates as well as their t-shirt sizes.
    To watch the raffle LIVE, visit the streaming at:
    Results will be published here, and at the EHBPC's facebook event and official website. tonight at 23:00


  • 16 hours (two camera and french commentary) of this Geneva countryside tournament here:
    Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY18OjgA­Y24

    Day2 (with timestamp of every game) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqOMgOcW­_II&app=desktop

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What's going on in the Poloverse

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