What's going on in the Poloverse

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  • Ruckus took 4th place!

  • Cheers for the link John! Looking forward to the first release!

  • Emmet and Moach are playing as Booyakasha plus D and Elodie are playing as Ruckus in the pm bracket of the cascadia quali.


  • Moach is in the US? #outoftouch

  • In other news... No graphic designers in Timaru? Amaze... #datlogo

  • They just need better inspiration.

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  • ^lulz

  • whatever you do, dont watch the video about the logo design

  • Seeing that video made me knock up that 5 minute logo... Jesus wept... I'll still be there anyway...

    PS #rep

  • Haha il wish i didnt :(

  • There are so many talented designers out of work, too ;_;

  • I thought NZ had a well-established history of using that white fern leaf to brand all of their major sporting events?
    I was expecting at least a small nod to that somewhere in and among all the detailed linework.

  • I'm sure the courts and organisation will be wonderful and it'll be the best tourney ever...

  • Heads up.


    It is with great pleasure that the EHPA officially endorses the new NAH 4.5 ruleset.
    Given the overwhelming positive feedback received across test communities, we see the need to take the next logical step and support what we believe is a major improvement to the way our sport is played.
    The ruleset has been officially tested at these events :
    -Frankonian Rhapsody. Nuremberg, Germany.
    -San Bartolo Bike Polo 2015. Gavín, Spain.
    -Ligue Alpine. Geneva, Switzerland.
    -Ligue du Soleil #16. Carcassonne, France.
    -HNX Open. Heilbronn, Germany.
    -Mazza D'Oro XI. Pescara, Italy.
    -Torneo Clasificatorio Estatal, SHBPC'15. Riudaura, Spain.
    -Birmingham Friendly. Birmingham, UK.
    -High Five Tournament. Padova, Italy.
    -Ladies Army VII. San Francisco, USA.
    At each of these tournaments, excluding Carcassonne, a member of EHPA played or/and oversaw reffing.
    We understand change can be scary and that this decision might not be everyone's cup of tea for now. Which is why we invite you to fill out the following survey as to be able to address any key isssues that might arise:
    With your feedback you provide us with key information to make sure obstruction is understood and possibly improved in the future.
    At the same time, we invite you to participate in the detailed discussions on forums such as LOBP and/or Pignon Fixe.<
    If there is a active disscusion at your local/regional forum, feel free to include it in the comments below.
    We expect communities to get accustomed to the new ruleset, via unofficial tournaments, pickup play, qualifiers or other as it will be used at this year's EHBPC in Zaragoza, as well as WHBPC in Timaru.

    You can download the ruleset here:

    Let the games begin!

  • Going to check this place out on the weekend.
    Getting polo going over in Cornwall has been difficult due to the court situation.
    Just found this in Camborne. If it's good it would make a cool place for a low-fi polo event...

  • Just look at that location. Near Tehidy Woods and some serious surf spots!

  • Ooh that would be a dream, surf and polo at the same place e

  • Is the rumor true about the terrible WHBPC format?

  • Is it dice?

  • They changed the rules again?

  • It's different, that's for sure.

    The final day is round robin groups, then single elim.

    I'm not convinced it's better, but it's certainly interesting

  • They could learn from the leisure Olympics!

  • I say save the experimentation for the less important tournaments that don't cost two months rent to travel to...

  • Just win all your games?

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What's going on in the Poloverse

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