What's going on in the Poloverse

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  • Calendars:
    Please don't book anything based on these calendars, they may contain inaccurate information, or unconfirmed tournaments, rather check in the relevant forum/thread/etc....

    LOBP calendar: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/calendar
    LHBPA calendar: http://www.lhbpa.org/whats-on/
    German calendar: http://www.bikepunx.de/forum/calendar.ph­p

    Milwaukee is announced as the host city for the NAHBPC this year.


  • One of Cardiff from last weekend. We found ourselves a nice indoor place to play we just need the players now.


  • Cardiff court looks dope, host a tourney!

  • That was my thought after playing there for a few hours. It's a school basketball/football court so tourney will probably need to be in the half term. Might even get it on towards the end of the year.

  • That must be the spot Danger Beagle was talking about, it looks fan-tas-tic!

  • Indeed. Polo boot camp? :D It's about 20 minutes outside the city centre, housing is the only problem, too few players in the 'diff. But there is a very nice backpackers right beside the Millenium Stadium if players dont mind paying for accomodation themselves.

    That must be the spot Danger Beagle was talking about, it looks fan-tas-tic!

  • 5* for Team#sckbrn... I can put it on expenses...

  • Jose playing polo outside LDN? This is indeed news... ;)

    5* for Team#sckbrn... I can put it on expenses...

  • LHR > BNE = 16532 km = 10273 miles = 8927 nautical miles

  • Wow, the French championships are going to be here:

    3 courts, 20x40

    Also pretty impressed with their general organisation, a Euros pre-qualifier next weekend (featuring our very own Valentin), then the top teams from that meet the big boys in the Euros qualifier.

  • altitude sickness... I'm going to be training in La Paz

  • with the 'big boys'?

  • i saw that on facebook, looks so awesome.

  • Wow!

  • And I thought the Brighton tourney looked exotic...

  • What's the surface like?

  • Not as good as Downs.

  • What's the surface like?

    i heard there's a 26deg slope on the court

  • this looks stunning

  • What's the surface like?

    surface proche d'un quick "terrain de tennis" similaire à la surface du London Open 2011.

    Hope that clears it up

  • Oui oui.

  • pas d'asphalte c'est de la merdezzle

  • Teams for the French North vs South Bench Minor:
    Team 1 North : Fabrice (cap) / Anton / Quentin / Hugo / Robin / Yorgo / Floris

    Team 2 North : Dadou (cap) / Greg (Call Me Daddy) / Woods / Maks / René / TomtoxCapitoxRenardinho / Ben

    Team 1 South : Alex (cap) / Felix / Polo / Rob / Le Rem's / Benji / Morgan

    Team 2 South : Rémi (cap) / Will / Clément / Piks / Guigui / Martin / Greg (???)

  • Post the calendar in the OP? I'm forever searching for it when booking in jobs.

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What's going on in the Poloverse

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