Project Gears

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  • China Crabon?

  • Just saw in AQA you were looking to carbon fixer, is this broken??

  • Hah! Gosh. Is that a fuel tank at the front?

    Nice oven gloves btw.

  • He is going to need a fuel tank

  • Yeah i did post in AQA about carbon repair - there is a tiny crack (10mm-ish) propagating from the vertical slot in the seat tube (where the clamp sits around). Basically the previous owner has overtightened the seatclamp at some stage. Nothing to worry about really, it can be repaired easily enough. I may even DIY it by getting a carbon repair kit and banding round the area under the seatclamp which is the preferred repair method i believe.

    It is a Chinese special but from a couple of years ago, at the time it was a copy (/the same factory) as the Plowman Craven (Evans Cycles) racing team from a couple of years ago. Scoble would be proud.

  • this is utterly ridiculous.

    i love it

  • The frame was for sales for £150 as it was a solied stock at work.

    Reckon I should check the work computer to see if it's still hasn't been sold yet.

  • Right then, i checked the frame over properly tonight in daylight and it is NOT cracked! Turns out it is a scratch in the laquer. I feel silly now.


  • Plowman Crabon.

  • So with a little bit of this;

  • Watch out for sidewinds.

  • isn't it a bit much for the commute?


  • cheaped out on proper grips?

  • Watch out for sidewinds.

    Sidewinds can kiss my ass.

    isn't it a bit much for the commute?

    Yeah, but the Waterloo Bridge stage of the commute-de-Londres is serious stuff these days.

    cheaped out on proper grips?

    Yeah man, figured i had loads of socks lying around so why not put them to use!

  • Epic Dude. Just EPIC!

  • Lol, i think it needs more carbon...

  • It always needs more carbon!

    Are those the Planet X wheels? Very sexy!

  • Yes mate, picked them up form the showroom this weekend while i was up North. That place is an Aladdins cave i tell you!

    They look so much better in real life than on the website, not ridden them yet but so far i'm very happy with them, the quality is outstanding.

  • Hmmmm?


  • He just jelly

  • I'm suddenly embarrassed to turn up at Bexley on a Dolan precursa...

    Looks great!

  • I assume from the above that Mr Tiswas is TTing this year?

    Cheers Michael, although this has been a bit extravagant, i'm basically building my current dream bike. There is a HUGE possibility that I will embarrass myself by being horrendously slow on it... i'm nervous about riding it in public. Reckon i'll be out on some quite lanes for a few weeks before i dare to show my face!

  • I was advised it should be the 3rd week of April, but couldn't see confirmed on the website.

  • Can I ride it while you're busy being embarrassed by the side of the road somewhere?

  • You can of course have a go Tom!

    You're about the only person who i will let ride it tho (before a list develops)

    I think i might call the bike "Vader"

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Project Gears

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