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  • After a lot of deliberation I have decided to sell the track bike and make room for some gears with a view to hitting some 10 and 25 mile TT's this year. The method behind the madness is that I can fit training in for TT's as and when I'm free and feel like it whereas the track just was not going to fit in around my life with work commitments etc.

    I have my heart set on some of the kit and setup I'm going for but am still undecided about other bits and bobs (like the frame). This is likely to be ongoing for several months given the list of goodies I've got on my shopping list.

    First up this arrived today;

  • cryptic

  • You'll need more than a box to make a bike, Matt.

  • not unless its a cutout

  • I know, i need a frame to bolt the box onto. Square wheels are the way forwards!

  • Hah I've got one of them.

  • I've got a SRAM Red rear mech box that some On-One hubs came in - £100 to you.

  • I've got a SRAM Red rear mech box that some On-One hubs came in - £100 to you.


    I have a Dura Ace box, that a On-one stem came in.

    They do it on purpose.

  • I've got a box that a box came in


  • Boom;

  • :)

  • The saga continues...

  • You're buying an Sram Red group in pieces?

  • Yup, finding the cheapest deals on all the bits knocks about £200 off the cheapest full groupset price, and those deals are limited as to which cassette and cranks you can have. By doing it this way i get to spread the cost and get exactly what i want, happy days.

  • that's what I did with my Rival groupset. Just don't buy second hand levers. Great way to save money. But you're going to need more than one sprocket on your cassette and it looks like someone's nicked a tooth off either side of it.

  • Lol! Yeah i'm buying all brand new but another advantage to my build is i'm going with TT shifters/levers which come in at half the price of the double tap drop bar levers :-)

  • Smart idea :)

  • Well it is seeing as i'm going to be TTing on it, not sure how well that would go down in roadie land!

  • Boom;

    Why *is it *missing some teeth?

  • It's called "powerglide" or something. Sram's clever idea to charge you the earth for something that is supposed the shift like nothing else but actually has half the parts missing.

    I'll take a picture of the front of the cassette tonight for y'all, it all makes sense when you see the beauty that is the series of grooves lines up across all the cogs.

  • shiney :-)

    Now to start getting my shopper ready! Cannondale with risers!!!

  • Hope you will be bringing each new part to the pub for our scrutiny every week matt!

  • Of course Michael, i can only afford one part/week (more like one part/month at this rate!) but meh, you only live once and it will stop me wanting to immediately upgrade everything and allow me to ride the shit out of it!

  • Boom-zing-pow!

  • oh wow!!!

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Project Gears

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