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  • Without a doubt.

    Infact the research process is probably documented.

    I also see the new US silouette is remarkably similar to the Chinese Dragon.

  • £100m ins claim?

  • £100m ins claim?

    Nah, the air force can save $100M on future operating costs by not replacing it. The only way that could have gone better would have been for it to crash into the deck and sink the white elephant.

  • Except that now they have to fish it out the Med to stop the tech falling into the wrong hands.

    Could be an expensive recovery exercise.

  • I’m sure they’d blow the seabed to smithereens if they found but weren’t able to recover it. They’re already in the area, they can call it a training exercise.

    Did anyone else spot the helicopter doing a low altitude, high banked 180 over Bank tube before flying back NE this afternoon? It was against the sun, maybe 15 stories above ground, so I couldn’t ID it but it wasn’t a small helo. For a moment I thought the SAS had been called in.

  • If you see one of these, that’s who it is.

  • Two helicopters came down the Lea (and therefore past my house) this afternoon which didn't show up on Flightradar or Adsb Exchange, so I can only presume they weren't identifiable via ADS-B or MLAT. This is very unusual, all military copters normally show up via MLAT.

    They did look a lot like the ones @rodan posted actually @Eseman

  • When I say ‘one of these’ I don’t mean any AS365 Dauphin, just the four used by the SAS which have this pretend-civvy dark blue/white underside scheme, but no civil registration markings. However if you look closely, what they do have is a discreet military serial on the fuselage over the tail plane.

    They used to use a very strange alphanumeric format for their call signs, which was nothing like those used by any other civvy or military operators. Of course, it made them stick out like a sore thumb every time they came on frequency. They just use a standard ‘Army Air’ call sign these days.

    Not surprised if they’re not sending ADS-B, it’s the last thing they’d want.

  • Would expect a Scandinavian airline to follow the rules a bit more closely tbh.

  • I only saw the outlines really which were definitely that sort of shape but I couldn't say much more than that. Presumed they were US at the time as I think the only other time I've seen helicopters not broadcasting anything that's what they were.

  • Nice SAS blowing fog away for the cyclist.

  • Bet all the passengers on this though their day had come­xLo&ab_channel=MentourNow%21

  • I have no idea Peter Jackson did all those and owned all these aircraft­plk

  • That is a great find! Really fascinating collection of artefacts and amazing to see them all buzzing around. A little disappointing that it wasnt stated to what extent each plane that was featured was original, rebuilt or modern with old methods though.

    As an aside, out of all the quirky/ridiculous hobbies the super rich seem to have, this is one I can definitely get on board with! Thanks for sharing.

  • This has been low over Moorgate for the last couple of minutes...

    Between the buildings, low, left of centre.

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  • Gunship?

    Hard to make out...

  • I reckon Airbus H215/Eurocopter AS332.

    Four blades, wheel pods and that half tail thing on the left side.

  • Looks like a Puma.

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Plane / Planes / Aircraft / Aeroplane / Airplane appreciation

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