• https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/calendar/202­1/10/10/us-military-jets-flying-over-nor­th-london-277895

    Apparent disturbance over Wood Green today was related to this. Suggests Ally Pally could be a good spot for Sunday afternoon, quite tempted.

  • Saw half a dozen f15s fly over Witham in Essex at approx 10am. I went on flight radar but couldnt identify them on there a short while later however i did see there were 4 Eurofighters in the air near yorkshire, one of which was mid air refuelling by an aircraft labelled 'apollo'. Heard further jet activity near Colchester later on in the day as well as Military choppers.

  • That's a neat thing @Brun that IanVisits innit?

  • Heard this, but couldn't see it, as it flew over us in Walthamstow yesterday.

  • Very shortly after taking this photograph a nigh on fully banked RAF Typhoon low passed having just come down Glencoe and straightened up over Loch Leven (pictured) and headed west toward Loch Linnhe.

    Probably the coolest thing I've ever see. I was giggling like a wee girl. The Typhoon has a certain draw for me as my dad worked on the software while it was being developed.

    Also been buzzed by a Typhoon up Glen Tilt and near shat myself but it's always a joy.

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  • @Stoo61

    I remember jumping out of my skin hillwalking on the West Coast with my family in the 80’s when Jaguars and Phantoms appeared right over my head without notice. Here’s a less terrifying C130 I encountered on the West Highland Way just South of Bridge of Orchy a couple of years ago:

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  • Its that second or two before you realise what on earth is actually going on.

    Lots of low fly routes up north....I always duck.

  • Decent view from Alexandra Palace.

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  • Good shootin'

  • Catalina over Duxford.

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  • No idea what type of helicopter this.

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  • Merlin

  • I think they followed the A12 after the fly past as I saw them, still very low, heading past Chelmsford.

  • First plane I flew in at around 5 years old. They were doing flights from North Weald during the airshow 1988ish.

  • Some 25 years or so back a Cat was flown back to the UK after being found in Australia and then completely restored. I was riding the inaugural London-Cambridge charidee ride on a Sunday on a recumbent and the Cat flew over on its way into Duxford. I watched it fly over and descend gently onto the airfield, and I equally gently rode off the road and into a nettle-filled ditch at about 15mph. I bent the steering rod and got roughly 70% nettle rash. Happy days.

  • My Grandad was an engine fitter on Catalinas in the RAF during the war. Stationed in India.

  • A Catalina was being rescued on that RNLI tv show last week.

  • A couple of nice Ilyushin Il-62s (I think) at Boryspil, Kiev.

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  • Dope bike, btw.

  • Those Russian planes remind me of the Vickers VC 10 from my youth....

  • Vickers VC 10

    More like a VC11 since the IL-62 is about 10% bigger 🙂

    My closest encounter with the VC10 was making the mistake of riding under the final approach at Benson just after an RAF one landed, getting drenched in the fog of unburnt fuel they left trailing in their wake.

  • Here’s what it looks like from inside.

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  • Hah! Brilliant. I get buzzed by Hercs every time I’m walking there - it was a pair in trail last time.

  • Only just realised.

    U are a flying Kaiju and ICMFP.

  • Happened to spot the F15's back over Ally Pally today. A flyby for an American Football game at Tottenham. Some of the people setting up the Earthshot presentation enjoyed it.

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