• Constant wheelie?

  • Must reduce take off length.

  • This may well have been covered in the previous 100 pages but it's always worth revisiting

    Spitfire low pass on reporter. Language is probably NSFW but you must have it on audio, preferably as loud as possible


  • Note how little daylight there is between the underside of the Spitfire and its shadow as it crosses the field. A favourite bit of footage of mine.

  • The pilot who was flying that Spitfire is also known for being booked for a flyover for a car event at Goodwood but then did a "flyunder", on the deck, across the start/finish line. Lower than most most spectators in the grandstand. Shat people right up.

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  • I cant help but think of this


    Reporter was extemely lucky, his head hit exactly between two of the wings ribs

  • The government won't have paid for a new livery for a Titan Airways plane as it's a private charter company but if you get the PM as a customer you're going to give your Airbus a good wash I'd imagine.

    I meant the US Govt paying to renovate one of their own plain planes, on the occasion of Biden’s 1st tour.

    Various Globemasters have been dropping stuff off at Newquay (e.g. a heli for Joe)

    Also: 99% sure it’s a C-17 I saw earlier this week, having seen the video in the article you linked. Really astounding that something that big and heavy-looking flies.

  • Ahhh.

    How times change...

  • Blimey. They'd never let you do that these days.

  • They didn't in those days either.
    He got put on a charge and was exonorated some 14 years later.

  • Ah right, yes I'm sure there's budget for that!

    They're a bit like the bumble bees of the cargo plane world for sure.

  • Fascinating, thanks.

    Enjoying keeping an eye on two eurofighters off Cornwall as I get on with much more productive things. They're over the HMS Prince of Wales I think.


  • Whilst working at BAE Brough ex Blackburn, birthplace of Hunter and Buccaneer, in the late 70s they used to announce when any were in the area and we would get very low passes, staggering to behold the feel and sound of them.

  • Surely Brough was not Hawker's (as Hawker Siddeley) airfield till 1960s? Buccaneer certainly; Hunter I'm not so sure. Hunter is 1940s tech that first flew in I think 1950? At Boscombe?

  • Not sure of origins, but assumed there, because one was on the test rig jacks continually whilst I was there. I worked on the jig for the 146 tail fin which was adjacent to it. I say worked, I spent more time wandering around the factory noseying everything else that was going on. Hawk and Harrier were in full production at the time athough parts only, no fully finished aircraft.

  • Not at all surprised to learn they were built at Brough, or at least that there was an airframe on test there. The Hunter was quite a big export succes so production could have been all over. Some of the exported ones were still operational into the 1990s I think. I think further fatigue testing is often carried on when airframes are in service for longer than had originally been envisaged.

    There's a Buccaneer outside a petrol station at Elgin in northern Scotland. Something to do with Lossiemouth I guess. Very interesting to inspect at close quarters.

  • I believe two-seat Hunters were used on the Buccaneer OCU at Lossiemouth because there were no dual control Buccaneers.

  • Happened to get a shot of this thing yesterday, while visiting folks

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  • Nice, not seen that before.

    Back in the day when an old bloke in a white shirt and peaked cap would chuck you onto a stretcher...

  • No escort?

    Scratch that- it’s Marine One that flies with escorts.

    Also- https://www.airspacemag.com/as-next/when­-air-force-one-evaded-mig-fighters-18097­0661/

  • No escorts that I could see. It was out of Heathrow, on the way to Belgium.
    Probably full of pilfered silverware.

    There was this that followed, which then went across the pond.

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  • Looks like SAM1, I think it was called. Could be AF1, as that is whichever aircraft the POTUS is on. The Boeings he usually flies on are Special Air Missions SAM, including any decoys. I’m surprised they would use decoy flights for Europe though.

    To re-word that poorly written paragraph: that plane looks like one of the Boeing planes dubbed Special Air Mission (iirc; SAM for short) that are assigned to the POTUS. I know there’s more than one, and whichever the POTUS is on becomes Air Force 1. I know they fly decoys whenever the POTUS is in a helo (Marine 1), but I’m surprised that they might have flown a decoy SAM while visiting Europe.

  • More plane stuff including F15s, Typhoon and a lot of Tornados and a photo shoot out the back of a transport plane


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