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  • Impressive....most impressive.

    What is your sim of choice btw?

  • Russian bots out in force today, but thought this thread would appreciate this 9gag gif of a SU-27 (35?).

  • Angry sky over the aircraft graveyard in South Wales today.

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  • Cardiff I assume? Is that BOAC bird real? or a film prop repaint?

  • I think BA painted their final 747 in BOAC colours for its last flight in December last year so that could be real.

  • St. Athan rather than Cardiff, I think.
    It was 2019 and the 747 was painted in that livery to mark the carrier's 100th anniversary.
    At the time there were plans to re-paint a number of other aircraft......

  • Didnt know that, very hansome livery

  • Yeah it's great, such a shame they were flying for such a short time.

    They did repaint a few others:

    The BEA Airbus is great but my favourite is the Landor 747, super classy, just needs Princess Di on a massive mobile phone:

  • Yes, St Athan is correct.

  • Oh yeah, that BEA screams 60's class.

  • Shits on the current doesn't it.

  • Aer Lingus did it as well - I saw this A320 at LHR before I knew it was a thing, I was v. confused for a bit

  • I think the first time I flew without my parents as a kid, it was on a BA plane with this livery (I think it would have been a 737 as it was a Paris flight)... always felt right for BA; a bit boring, quite classy, not that exciting.

  • Never noticed engines being removed and the cowlings left behind like that before. Looks weird.

  • Same with this Lufthansa A321 but I can't quite get around the blue on the nose...

  • BA; a bit boring, quite classy, not that exciting.


    Do you really want an exciting ride in a 747 though?!

  • ^ twitching because its not 1/144 scale

  • As a kid EVERY ride in a plane was exciting. Was still the era where you could go visit the cockpit; even got to sit in the jump seat on landing once.

  • The core engines have been removed and its only the cowling/nacelle left.

    Id imagine those engines are used on many different airframes so will have been salvaged and returned to service or put into preservation for future use maybe.

  • The core engines have been removed and its only the cowling/nacelle left.

    That's pretty much what I said.

    First job out of uni was at one of RR's contractors in Derby, making classroom based training for RB211-535 and Trent 800 maintenance. Was then in-house for a while before my career took a more creative direction.

    This looks suitably shit enough to have been rendered from my 20 year old 3d models...

    Have a bunch of CD-Rs with old work on, but nothing to read them these days.

  • Ha! I've just encountered a similar problem with some plate glass work I did about 20 years ago. Someone has just commissioned some more but I can't get Minicad 6 and Vectorworks files to open on any of the Macs I currently have.

  • I'm enjoying living next to the Lea as the helicopter flightpath that goes along the Thames then up my side of the Lea Valley goes pretty much right over my house.

    Three US black hawks today. Came down from Mildenhall, stopped at the US Ambassador's residence in Regent's (presumably for high tea and cucumber sandwiches) then went back again.

  • Albert dodging the vampires in Transylvania.

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Plane / Planes / Aircraft / Aeroplane / Airplane appreciation

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