• It did a flyby of Bournemouth airport at 100ft, wonder what that was about. EDIT then landed at Gatwick

  • Ah perfect, thank you!

    @mdcc_tester apologies. I’ve done my homework now on C-17s and A400M’s.

  • Isn't Bournemouth Airport where BA have laid up a load of their jets? Maybe just sightseeing that spectacle. Although 125 feet is a pretty low flyby!

  • Me: "I've been so bored during this lockdown."

    Crowd: "How bored have you been?"

    Me: "Bored enough to make a device that captures info about planes near to me, sorted by range and displays them on a 4" TFT".

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  • Where it did a lap of the terminal and took off again less than 30 mins later. Now appears to be trying very hard not to land at Brize Norton.

  • Same C-17, doing low passes of Exeter and Newquay airports....


  • Now back at Brize Norton doing touch-and-gos again.

  • Certainly is...

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  • ^glimpsed what I think was one of those on my ride yesterday - I was looking across Oxford from near Bletchingdon and saw that shape over the far side.

    And at the other end of my ride, spotted the Red Arrows passing over P Risborough and Aylesbury https://photos.app.goo.gl/QzKoQrZc1NGoL4­wL7

  • A lot of late night 23.30 onwards helicopter activity from Northolt tonight,
    but not the normal Northolt to HMS Warrior flight path.

    More like the helicopter is stationary over the closed Ruislip Golf course.
    Are protestors out there?

  • Probably just looking for the ball the station commander lost last time he played.

  • Month late, but my Max Wall hairpiece is off to you, sir. Excellent.

  • They fly from Northolt to Northwood?

    I am astonished. Could they not cycle?

  • SpaceX / NASA firing real live humans into space at 9:33 tonight.

    First human space lunch from the states since they retired the shuttle.

  • ISS is overpassing between 21:22 and 21:25, moving swiftly west to east, directly overhead and very bright.
    Followed a few minutes later by Spacex.

  • If I get back in time I'll have my radio gear tuned in. About the only time ISS radio traffic is interesting is when they're about to dock.

  • Won’t the sun still be up then?

    Edit: it will just have set

  • I hope they don't make any round trips,
    Northolt - Northwood- Brize Norton etc.

    The installation of the helipad at HMS Warrior/Northwood was big local news
    in the mid, or possibly late '80s.
    Believe it was deemed necessary by the MoD after the Falklands.

    Mate of a mate moved out of a plush flat in further Northwood to Chipperfield because the noise would have been intolerable.

    'They' probably wouldn't cycle,
    we could on a Forum Ride: MoD sites, past & present of outer north west London,
    finishing up at the cafe at the revamped Battle of Britain Bunker at (ex-) RAF Uxbridge.

  • More intrusive seemingly needless helicopter movements tonight,
    from around 22.50 for the last 6 or 7 minutes.

    Do helicopter pilots have to have a minimum of dark flight hours to keep their licenses current?

  • lines starting with a 'greater than' denote quoted text

    Police chopper I assume? No reflection on your comment but it Reminds me of a time I worked on the southbank in a office overlooking the river. I to see the police boat belting up and down in apparently unnecessarily dramatic fashion all day. Was commenting To some colleagues on just that whilst looking out of the window at it hammering towards us one day, then I looked down and noticed they were heading to the shore directly under our window. To retrieve a Bloated dead body. I sort of stopped complaining about their antics after that.

  • Air ambulance in the field behind my house

    EDIT: Pics now deleted as I have since learnt this was to assist with a double fatality of 2 cyclists, highly inappropriate to post photos, my apologies. Will post the details in the rider down thread. RIP cyclists.

  • Shitty that such a fantastic service cant be paid for by the government.

  • It annoys me pisses me off every time I see them fundraising. Shocking really that it relies on charity

  • Disgrace.

  • The other day I was just having a look at flightradar to see if any planes were likely to pass in front of the rising moon, and I noticed an Airbus A400m was making its way from a NATO base in Lithuania to Brize Norton and was currently over Chelmsford. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later this monster hoved into view and grumbled over us.

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