Securing/sticking grips on

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  • I did utfs, but to no avail - by all means redirect this or delete as necessary!

    I have some blb grips and have them on my aero bars (see below).­029&pictureid=11445
    The left hand bar does not have the brake lever as a stopper and keeps working its way forward & off - any tips or help (re adhesive, etc) would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Rob

  • Hairspray.. Spray in grip, acts as lubricant.. Dries.. Acts as glue.. Use hot water to remove again when needed..

  • or, bizarrely, WD40, does the same as hairspray.

  • Butter works best

  • Warm up in hot water and hairspray does the job.

  • Superb - many thanks

  • +1for butter, margarine works pretty good too.

  • +2 for wd40
    slide on easy
    once dry it's stuck tight

  • i guess with butter option you can make a couple of sarnies out on the road if your desperate

  • +1 for hairspray. Deoderant has the same effect

  • Hmm, I have tried hairspray before but it didn't work and when it rain they were very slippy.

  • Try using Elnett. The hairspray of choice since the 70's.

  • Butter works best

    I know someone who used butter as grease for his whole BMX build.
    Needless to say it went mouldy ruining the whole bike...

  • clear laquer from a rattler can works best

  • you want the cheapest hairspray known to man (its just thinned out spray glue in a can!), anything more than 80pence a can probably won't work.

    GT85/wd40 can work, but you need to make sure inside grip + bars are immaculately clean & free of grease otherwise it'll slip just the same. Pretty much any aerosol has the desired effect, just some are more perm-ant than others.

    • 1 for WD 40 ..
  • Cycle puncture repair glue, have been using it since i got my first MTB in 1987.

    Cover the bar in it, slide on the grip, glue dries, job's a good 'un.

  • hot soapy water in a basin, leave in for 2mins, should easily slide on.

  • I just 'huff' down the inside of the grip then wop it onto the bars in one quick move. It'll slide on no problem and will be stuck firm by the following morning

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Securing/sticking grips on

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