Viscount aerospace 400

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  • not much of a project,got this and only required a bloody good clean

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  • look peeps i know it isnt bike porn,you gotta take the rough with the smooth.
    i know its a crap bike,but it its completely original

  • Lying on my sofa feeling ill and perusing current projects. I must say it's not pretty, but interesting after found a brochure and road test on google images about it. Approx 1976 I think?

  • Not pretty? Show us your bike o.O

    I like it. I would angle the bars and remove the bottle holder (or replace it for a new one)

    Also the BB seems as if it isn't right in.
    I love the chainrings.

    I would ride it as much as I could, if I were you.

  • One of my bikes can be seen on the Concorde thread if you wish. Not being pretty is not a criticism as such. My first (serious) bike was a Raleigh Medale a similiarly utilitarian machine from the 1980's. Unfortunately this was largely a result of the demise in the British bike industry. I like the fact that it's still going strong, being used and tells a story in itself. Chapeau to reculver!

  • thanks for the comments,this bike really needed some TLC after being left to hang up in a garage for the last 25 years.this is just after a quick clean,the components need polishing and new bottle cage and bar tape

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Viscount aerospace 400

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