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  • Just a couple of things.
    Decided to collect all seatposts and their sizes. Also starting to collect the first Gen Suntour Superbe NJS pista gruppo so here’s a good start.
    Still need a 48t crec njs chainring...

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  • Can’t even imagine the cost...

  • Haha I just get bored easily ;)
    Managing to find bits at acceptable prices but they don’t come up often. The Suntour will be a difficult one to complete.

  • I think I have a front hub in pretty good condition that spins very smooth, but not sure if you’re only interested in NOS?

  • Hello and thanks for the heads up. Is that a Suntour hub you have? I’ve actually just bought one but could be interested in another pending condition and price. Cheers! T

  • Hi Tom,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, it is a suntour hub, but after I dug it out I realized it’s 28h and not NJS, so probably not what you are looking for :)

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  • just went through this thread to read how the project is going :)

    congrats on the roadframe
    they will look amazing together.

  • Hello mate and sorry for not getting back to you. Ah if it was NJS I'd be all over it. It's a beautiful hub either way though and if you were to list it it'd be snapped up asap! Cheers again.

    @Kobe thanks for the comment, appreciated. Aye still looking those elusive 48/54t track rings. It's like the supply has completely dried up.
    I've collected pretty much an entire S75 gruppo for the roadie but now need to decide on wheels, cockpit, etc. The two hardest parts to find are going to be the carbon seatpost and a Sugino headset. They make the Campag NJS gruppo look piss-easy ;)
    Will update as things go on! T

  • So. After almost four years this has been found. The chainring set is now complete bar a 54t but I’ve never seen one ever so who knows if they exist. Just need a 27.0 seatpost to top it all off and then we’re good!

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  • Don't know how complete your Sg75 gruppo is but there's some NOS carbon pedals for sale on Instagram just as a heads up

  • Have an S-Record NJS chainring you could have ;)

    @spicknspangled thans for the heads up mate. Gruppo is complete bar a seatpost, headset and bartape. T

  • Tom..you are a mad crazy man..but I love what you have dedication to making something so beautiful...some people know the price of everything..a rare few know the value of everything...you are one of the latter.

  • Thank you sir, I try ;) Gotta spen the money on something and this seemed a worthwhile cause at the time. Didn't realise it was going to stretch on for years mind! Almost there though with it all... Hope you're well. T

  • Oooooh so here's tool I never knew existed. NOS. Bought it. Surprise addition :)

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  • Suppose you had to buy it..bit I really like is that you have their road bike too in the same colour...so neat.

  • Been on the look out for this beast, life will not be complete without it. Love Japanese tools.

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  • Wow! What does it do that other spanners can't do?

  • Haha didn't even think of that. Aye it's their trademark blue so makes sense.
    @wildwest yeah they're beauts. Already have one but make sure the end bits aren't snapped off, they're the first part that goes.

  • A few pics of NJS Campag and other goodness. To instill some joy into the weekend ;)

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  • Ring a ring of roses 😹

  • Haha absolute joker! All the tings

  • I thing you got this guy beat - https://www.instagram.com/3rensho/

  • Haha thanks folks ;)
    Oh my he does have some nice bits though.. think I need to get involved with other brands more..!

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