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  • My 1987 3Rensho built for the Japanese Keirin champ Masamitsu 'The Monster' Takizawa.

    Super-Record Export Katana 3Rensho 57cm
    Fully chromed frame painted the re-knowned 3Rensho blue
    Ohtsuya bent bottom bracket
    Yoshi Superend dropouts
    NJS Hatta HS and BB

    Sitting as an ornament for quite a while but just put her together today with very cheap parts so I can measure things up before I spend some heavy monies..

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  • I presume the headset's not actually gold IRL?

  • Haha no, bad lighting there..

  • Better photo..

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  • That is exquisite. If you ever, ever, wanted to sell that...I'd ruin my student loan and take it off your hands aha.

  • Just back from my trial run :)
    So I know it's a bit of a mess but it's just for sizing up. Managed to file down the rear axle to 8mm as actual NJS hubs cost a fortune and until I decide on the build then this will do.
    Probably one of the fastest frames I've been on and it's not even set up yet.. Yay!

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  • Wow! That frame is perfection. Full NJS, go!

  • Very nice unlike the quality of that brick work. Shocking.

  • That frame's crying out for some better quality parts. What's going on the real build?

  • no, that frame is crying for some NJS Campa C-Record, straight form the same '87
    don't you dare going sugino75+DA7400 on it!

  • I vote Suntour. Difficult, but not impossible

  • Forks are lush!

  • That's a hideous build

  • ^Read..

    "So I know it's a bit of a mess but it's just for sizing up."

  • I vote Suntour. Difficult, but not impossible

    what specifically is difficult about finding suntour? as for me, it's all over the place

  • the only hard part about Suntour is the NJS headset and BB....

  • Very nice, gorgeous paint! Youll love it once its all done and not stressing about finding the right parts for it. Worst was to find the hubs.. got me some suntour superbe .. mine being a 110mm rear spaced.. is that how yours is? And speaking of mine.. im putting mine up for sale in a few days.. heres a sneek peek..

  • That Spinergy looks GASH on that...

  • It looks okay, but then you realise that it's on a 3rensho :(

  • Gorgeous frame!

  • mmm GASH.. big fat sushi wheel.. fitting for a zipperhead bike i thinks.. cant you smell it now spinning in front of your face? Anyways its about toms blue 3rensho here.. cant wait to see the final build! Perfecto!

  • Soz, been away for a week.
    Cheers for all the comments, I've been debating what components to go for.. Campag NJS would be the nuts but unfortunately the price of parts is beyond the ridiculous.. NJS Export's cranks are round about £700 before import costs and ebay is not much better. Hence I'm thinking a Suntour Superbe Pro setup would work quite well for the build as it looks sweet, year-wise it's accurate and is also affordable in the grand scale of all things NJS..
    Just need to sell off all my other bits and bobs and then I can get on the case! Saying that, what would suggestions be for handlebars? Nitto B123 drops or something more special like Cinelli Njs drops? Suggestions on a postcard please :)

  • Or how about 10 pitch? My only gripe there is that it's not really period correct as apprently production finished in 1985? Any advice on that. Would be good too, ta

  • DA10 is not going to be much cheaper than campy njs
    and come, putting 85 groupset on a 87 frameset is close enough!
    didn't hurt my 86 miyata for sure

  • Your Miyata is hot mate, still riding it?
    How do you find the 10 pitch setup anyways? Would be good to hear from someone with first hand experience..
    Think I'm slowly starting to think about the 10p way, may have a bike for Campag C-Record coming soon so I'll go proper Japanese on the San.
    May be an issue finding a rear 110mm 10p hub with an 8mm axle though..

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