Middlemore saddles, made in Coventry

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  • Here's my old one http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3179/29756­93647_c90f80031c_z.jpg?zz=1 it looks rough on the underside as that's where the weathering took place but the top looked good.

  • Hi I was just chacing my past on google and came across you question, I worked as a press shop labourer around 33 years ago, I remember the smell and the loverly people that worked there, I was around 18-19 years old at the time.
    Around 5 years ago I worked there again doing some plumbing work as I'm now a heating engineer, it was pure magic to be working in the roof space with all the old dust, a real trip back in time (Pure stiring magic) the building is owned by a company that does gas convertions on cars, but the main part of the building was destined to become a large venue location entertaining
    corparate events, but to this date looks just how it did when I worked there all them years back.
    Sorry if I've whittled on but it is a special place for me, go on google maps you will find it on the island that runs from templar avenue, follow templar ave to the island and go streight over it is the building on the right.
    All the best I hope this helps you.

           Regards Ellery
  • I can't believe I can get excited looking at that saddle! but that is a reminder for me and the press shop, trying to keep three women working away on a peice work policy, "Hard work", as a young man I remember the components on that saddle "Brilliant"

  • Don't worry about whittling on, this is great! I'm glad to finally have the info. :) thanks.
    I should mention, in case you (or anyone) has Flickr, I started a group on there called Middlemore Saddles.

  • Hi again, I just realised I spelt middlemores as middlemoors in a previous post (shame on me) did you google it? I popped on to Flickr to look at your content, since I am local to torrington avenue and can pass the old place with no problems would you like me to send you some photos of the place, I might even be able to get some from the inside.
    Let me know

    You can get me on email coventryheating@aol.com

  • Hello Ellery,

    Yes, I had a look on google maps so I know where you mean now. I'll go and see it when I get the chance.
    If you want to join the flickr group you'd be very welcome.
    I'd love to have some photos of it, and any general info on the company, thanks.
    I'll send you an email,


  • I don't take photo's of Middlemore saddles, but I do take gnarly pictures on Flickr

  • There's some unused Middlemores drop bars on ebay. (I'm not bidding)

  • I have a swell pair of middlemore drop bars in gunmetal grey, anyone interested? They have a few scratches

  • I'm not into drop bars unfortunately but i've seen this type and they look great.
    We'd love a few pics over at the Flickr group Middlemore Saddles :)

  • Hey I'm new to the forum, just thought I should mention there is a few items on eBay again, a really nice NOS Middlemore B89, the price is a little silly but everybody knows us cyclists have more money than sense.

  • Ok for NOS, people could spend twice that on an inferior Brooks Swallow. Although a Swallow is still great.

  • The clear plastic bag irritates me though, it should be like this don't know if it is deliberately trying to deceive???

  • I used to work at Middlemores in the 70s. I used to rivet the leather saddle to the saddle frame. It was all piecework and I used to do treble time. On Friday we would get our wages in an envelope and someone would drive to the chippy. I left to go to Tile Hill College and lost contact with the company.

  • 73358,
    Great to hear from someone who was there, I love reading stuff like that! Middlemores would have been my top ambition to work for.

    I started a Middlemores blog for anyone interested:

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Middlemore saddles, made in Coventry

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