Bike Polo in Middlesbrough

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  • Hey Middlebrough fixed gear, do you peeps have an interest in playing bike polo?
    I ask because the missus and I were up there recently (its her home town) and on a walk through albert park we saw the roller hockey court, which is just about the best bike polo court I have ever seen.
    There are folks who play up in Newcastle, who would probably be you closest neighbours. If you are interested have a look in the bike polo sub forum. A UK wide association is currently being created so it would be a good time to get involved.

    If your not keen, sorry for wasting your time

  • Bike polo on tour time?

    (Host a tournament at that court and kick-start a bike polo scene in Middlesbrough)?

  • I'd give it a go, rustling up a team might be hard, but it is worth a try!

  • I'm going to speak to the people at Albert Park towns see if the court could be used for bike polo.

    Myself and RyanB are up for getting a team started. Anyone else interested?

  • Anyone else up for bike polo in Middlesbrough/Teesside?

  • Do you have any local cycle clubs/shops/cafes that would let you stick a poster/flyer up maybe?

    Get a core group of 6-10 and you're away!

  • Good idea. I'm gonna get something drafted up and I'm sure plenty of places will let me put one up.

  • Awesome, yell if you need mallets, balls, etc as we can help out there (the LHBPA sell polo equipment at cost)... maybe ask Newcastle if they feel like trying out the court with you? Or maybe plan a "try polo" day with their help?

    Often nearby scenes will volunteer their time (as it eventually works in their favour to have more local-ish teams to compete against)...

  • Hi, we're having a Newcastle v Glasgow v Edinburgh tournament in a couple of weeks if you want to come up for that:­903467/

    Also, if you're struggling to find enough players in Middlesborough, maybe a few of us from the toon could pop down for a knockabout with you sometime.

    I find the best way to get new players is to just play in a public place and ask anyone who stops to watch or rides past on a bike if they wanna join the team. :)

  • Hey there, whats up with bike polo in Middlesbrough? I'm just arrived from Germany and haven't found a websid or some else with dates....Do you play here any longer?

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Bike Polo in Middlesbrough

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