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  • That link goes to Carabo's bike (^upthread^).

  • That link goes to Carabo's bike (^upthread^).

    ah sorry - i'm posting from work and I just see a broken image link in carabo's post. anyway -that's a NICE paintjob that I wouldn't have stripped

  • This is my concorde. No stickers of frame model or tubing. Also couldn't find anything like this of the web.
    Can anyone help identify this frame?
    Photos on flickr:­2/sets/72157630860377562/

  • I also own a Concorde. It's by far the nicest bike I own. I however do not ride it, as it's a bit too small. A shame, I know, but it hangs nice on my wall..

    Concorde Aquila

    Frameset: Concorde Aquila - Colombus tubing with Campagnolo drop-outs (size 55,5)
    Speedgroup: Campagnolo Super Record (rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifters)
    Crankset: Campagnolo Strada Super Record
    Brake Levers: Campagnolo "Cobalto" with Campagnolo brake lever hoods
    Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record "Cobalto" with Campagnolo brake pads
    Drink holder: Elite
    Stem: Cinelli
    Handle bar: Cinelli Criterium
    Seatpost: Campagnolo
    Saddle: Rolls Selle San Marco Racing Pro
    Front wheel: Mavic GP4 (tubular), Schwalbe Montello 300 tire, Campagnolo Super Record hub
    Back wheel: Mavic GP4 (tubular), Schwalbe Montello 300 tire, Campagnolo Super Record hub

  • One more proud owner of a Concorde. Frame is a Gavina Columbus SL built in the late 80´s. Ride it daily, love it.

  • Last 2 Concordes rocking the little Italian flags on the top tube. Love it. Still not sure what distinguishes these frames from the other Concordes that don't have it...

  • Ain't no party like a Concorde party...

  • Last 2 Concordes rocking the little Italian flags on the top tube. Love it. Still not sure what distinguishes these frames from the other Concordes that don't have it...

    Some were made in Italy rather than the Netherlands, but I thought it was pretty much only the actual PDM race frames (and the high-end replicas they sold).

  • From looking into this, it appears that the Italian flag appears on the high end frames, Columbus SLX and I think were made by Ciocc. The other frames (certainly the steel ones) were manufactured in Italy and painted in Belgium. Think I've mentioned before that they appear to come from different frame builders. I have two Astore's with different tubing and pantographing details. The bottom bracket shells are also different.

  • I celebrate this one year anniversary of total inactivity in this thread with this:

    Just added some other Concordes to the cluster on Velospace, 50 in total now, lovely bunch!

  • I've got some to add. Moved to Holland this year and I love a Concorde so have recently picked up two. This is the first which I'm going to build up.

    Actually would appreciate some help in dating this one. It's very similar to one in the 89 catalogue but not quite so guessing it's just a year or two earlier. It has this Columbus Cromor label:

    ...which looks very similar to some Columbus Matrix labels I've seen. From what I've read on the interweb due to some issues with Trek also naming their tubing Matrix, Columbus changed theirs to Cromor but I don't know when this was. I assume though from the similarities in the label design between this and the Matrix labels, that this was probably a very early Cromor frame.

    Anyway, I'm rambling, but if anyone knows more it would be much appreciated.

  • PS - FLRN HSSL, I can't see the picture you added, but nice bikes on the cluster.

  • also this is currently in the classifieds which looks pretty rare to very tempted..

  • Do it!

  • Mine - just picked it up, no idea what to do with it yet, it's too big but I couldn't turn it down.
    anybody any idea of likely year?

  • I thought this thread was going to go another year of inactivity..

    Looks a bit like this one which is also genius tubing and the OP has said was bought new in 99, though I reckon a year or two earlier.­9/

  • Thanks, had this down as mid to late 90's.
    I no idea how the serial numbers work on these.
    The frame serial number is 950323, is the 95 the year? -either way it is in great condition, no dings and and super 'Genuis' light!

  • No idea on the serial numbers i'm afraid. I have three concorde frames, one I can't find the serial number on (it's the one I posted above). The other two , one is numbered 90241596 and the other has the number 250151 and I think that's mid/late 90s so can see no relevance to date there so maybe not..

    May be easier to date that genius label. It's a great frame you've got there anyway, interested to see what you do with it.

  • I have a slightly older mid 90's Sachs New Success group, in very good condition, I think i'll build it up in that.
    No campag in the parts box!!
    I'll post some pics when done.

  • yet another owner of a Concorde. Still in the process of building this up: (Concorde Colombo)

    (build thread:­28/?offset=25#comment11876384)

  • Sweet. Bonzoxedge's should also be posted here too...

  • Does anyone know the history of my Concorde Columbo ^^

  • looks like the Colombo Delta with the red design cupido paint scheme from the 1989 series:­ic.php?t=107421

  • Ty greeno

  • Thought I'd add my Concorde Aquila before sell it, has been an amazing bike. Going to miss it!

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Concorde Owners

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