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  • yeah yeah, I know. Plan was originally white bar tape but it looked shit. The saddle and pedals are to be replaced, but in the meantime it's grown on me. It adds a certain 'bling'.

  • Someone get this. Perfect for me, though already have two frames recently bought hanging about. Calling 1st dibs.

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  • The part where the right fork leg goes into the lug looks so weird:

    Might be the picture though. Overal pretty rough condition, but cool nonetheless.


    This listing has ended.

  • Ha, just got it.

    Lusted after a Concorde track frame for very long time. Even if it isn't genuine (though hopefully unlikely given the condition).

  • Ha, just got it.

    Nice! Congrats. Knew you always wanted one. Daily rat bike incoming?

  • Yeah, very much an impulse. Dunno as of yet as I've just got my Ellsworth running so likely will have to acquire new parts. Defo will be a sweet baby blue fixeh.

  • I've just got my Ellsworth running

    You have one of these?! Lush.

  • yup hehe.
    That is my favourite one indeed. Though mine is far off that with this god awful fork on it. Was waiting to gather funds for a nice steel track one as seen on that. Alas, that will have to wait.
    I really had no idea how bad forks could be until I tried this one on.

    Camera cable is lost so pictures are yet to follow.

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  • anyone have a Concorde Cross frame for sale? Or know anywhere I could get one? thx

  • damn! too small. but lovely...if you see one round 56-57 size let me know...

  • Got this Squadra last week.
    NOS still has the authenticity seal, Columbus EL, purple Flamingo paintjob, double 650c Time trial. It will be a slow side project. I think Neo-retro hhsttb.

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  • Neat. Haven't seen a double 650c Concorde before. That fork crown is sex.

  • Me neither and I can't find any information.

  • Received order of this frame:

    (Yet to find my cable for my camera hence seller's photo)

    Hmmph, thinking its too small already (haven't put it together but its not looking likely to fit). Sad times me reckons.

  • Sorry to hear. I'm very sceptical that it's a Concorde anyway, but i don't know if that makes you feel better or worse about it!

  • This thing is cool:


  • Love the razorblades with the old logos. This was a fave (purple and pink always wins) and was sold on here a while back.

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  • Yeah, me too. To be honest I was kinda impartial to whether it was or not. Obviously it'd be nice if it was but the decals made it sufficiently Concorde for me to still have a thing for it.

  • An afterthought came to me on this. When I was living in holland, occassionally I'd see some real old beater bikes, also called Concordes. I maybe saw just 3 or 4 of them. They bared absolutely no resemblance to regular Concordes, decals, logos, everything were totally different and they looked older and not particularly well made (I think the logo may even have been a plane).

    I may have misremembered this, but thinking back now I recognise those black stripe decals that yours has towards the front end of the downtube, and I reckon I saw that on those Concordes.

    Maybe there was some sort of relation between the newer Concordes and these, I don't know, or maybe the name was sold at some point. I can't find a picture of one on the internet, and I doubt anybody has bothered to document them, but I reckon one of the Dutch crew on here may also know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I reckon that's what you may have and someone perhaps innocently changed the decals for these ones.

  • Finished this almost 3 years ago.

  • Anyone interested in this frame?
    56cm square
    Few paint chips .
    £150 with fork and headset

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  • Can anyone help me identify this frame I picked up ? Pdm colour way but wording is long gone . Columbus tubing, 26.8 seatpost so could be Aelle but surprisingly light for a 57cm frame at 1946g. Original fork is missing .

    Thought it might be a Columbo but not sure. Cut out lugs and 2 cutouts on bottom bracket shell (Italian threaded)

    More images here :­5CA

    Any suggestions ? Cheers

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  • Readers.

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  • Might have been mine once upon a time... Aelle is indeed usually 26.8mm and they seem to have done a Colombo in that, so that was always my guess!

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Concorde Owners

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