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  • Before being merged and evoking Hippy's wrath, I'm starting a new thread as VanUden's got hijacked somewhat. Basically, have bought 2 Concorde's over the last year. Both Astore's, but very different. 1st is in PDM colours, with Campag Triomphe groupset (reckon it must be 87 build). 2nd is a USA special with Shimano tricolour, but I think this may have been purchased as a frameset and built up. Bearing in mind both are Astore's, the differences are tubeset (both Columbus, but different tubing), slotted BB's different and Concorde detailing on the seat stays and brake bridge of the USA one, but not the PDM. Really intrigued by these as heard they could be/were Gloria, Ciocc etc framsets. Would love to know more...

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  • Oh, and I should say that I have read other threads/posts on this site and elsewhere. From what I understand, the SLX frames appear to be Ciocc (Italian flag brazed on top tube). Other than that, my impression is that Concorde attempted to take a slice of Raleigh/Peugeot from the mid 80's onward, but in doing so used a number of frame builders to achieve this. I know plenty of people appear to own Concorde's on the forum, but can't remember them being sold in the UK (not that Camberley in the 1980's was the hub of the bike world). Lastly, another difference in my Astore's is the earlier PDM one has internal cabling. Interested to see other examples. The USA in the picture is being taken apart and rebuilt, but not worthy of the current project section.

  • hi Al

  • Had one a couple of years ago.I see it around Windsor.

  • i own a Concorde Mistral and a Concorde Astore Time Trial, got a few cataloguepages in PDF as well.. will upload when @ home.

  • Concorde had some really nice frames made indeed. I think their loud and very period paintjobs make them quite attractive. Veltec was the last owner (afaik) of the Concorde brand and they killed it off 1 or 2 years ago.

    Here's my tt bike. Still in the hunt for a nice Concorde road frame :)

  • Hey Carabo! Your post made me think of the cluster on Velospace i once put together on a rainy day:

    so jelly of that gibli..

  • Wow, got to love those colourfull concordes.

  • also concorde owner...


  • Weren't they all Cioccs? I have a squadra, with tricolour (STIs)

    Great frames, mine needs a refurb. Think it's getting a rebuild with 9 speed campag for the summer.

  • '89 Concorde brochure:­concordebrochure1989.pdf
    93' Concorde brochure:­concordebrochure1993.pdf

    Ooh nice one! Thanks for posting those :)

  • Weren't they all Cioccs?

    No. They shared the same distributor and some where made at the Ciocc factory (or factories?) aswell as elsewhere. Also I think they shared a painting facility with Cioccs in the Netherlands IIRC.

  • This is mine. It's my main bike at this time of year.

  • first build & beater (Mistral):

    last build (Astore Delta (TT)), currently in the process of getting gears:

  • Thank you FLRN HSSL for the brochures - very interesting. Love the pictures also Natal, Carabo, FLRN HSSL and Miro O etc... I'm off to Berlin today, but when I get back I'll post some pictures of my PDM Concorde and the some close-ups of the USA one. A couple of years ago Wiggle started flogging (although now discontinued) a Concorde bike - although don't know who produced it.­ke-pdm-zoom.jpg

    As others have said, it seems that the frames were sourced from different manufacturers in Italy, imported by Veltec and sprayed in Belgium. From that point of view it's interesting as there seems to be difference in consistency. You might get an Astore with different tubing and detailing on the tubing i.e. Concorde being stamped on the end of the seat stays. You also appear to have got a huge range of paint choices at the time, unlike Raleigh or Peugeot at the time. I really like my two bikes and rather intrigued by the whole Concorde thing.

  • I'm a sucker for the paint schemes. I particularly like FLRN HSSLs Mistral beater frame ^ up ^ there.

    The finish on mine is strong too. Mine's had a tough life and it only has a couple of chips in the paint and the chrome is still perfect.

  • You're welcome Al, i might have antoher catalogue (offline), will have a look to see if it's worth scanning/uploading.

    Thanks Miro_o, paint has chipped a lot now on my beater but was pretty nice when i took the photo. Yours looks very sleek! nice with the mudguards as well. And (like most Concordes) awesome paintjob.

    Anyone here own a Concorde trackbike?

  • Does anyone have a NOS Concorde frame they are looking to sell? Would prefer early 90s and will need to be 54 or 55cm size frame. Thanks

  • There are two on sale at but too large. They sometimes appear but best looking at something pre-loved.

  • Great to see this thread. I love the look and feel of my concorde. Don't see too many around. Picked mine up from Sargent and Co (His picture)

    And my picture:

  • Mine~

  • this is my Astore Delta, which is oria tubing.

    its '88 i believe

  • This is my Concorde Toscana, maybe someone knows more info - year?

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  • I've got a concorde colombo TT (straight tubed lo-pro) frame that I've been meaning to sell. Can't remember the exact sizing cos lo-pro frames are a bit mental, but I know that I'm 6'2 and it's too small for me.

    I've stripped (most of) the paint off as it was scratched and a quite boring blue and white compared to the other flouro jobs (e.g.

    sorry - a bit OT....

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Concorde Owners

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