• ^^^david acheson - quality lecturer :) have some rep titivulus.

  • I tend to bore the fuck out of everyone with facts about trees on long rides....
    I'm a hit at parties....

    I'm sure some stereometrical discussion of glitter balls would have the assembled mathematicians hang on to your every word. :)

  • aw, just looked at the route, and assuming it doesn't change this could be the first forum ride i can join in after the start! would make a nice change to knock 10 miles off rather than add 10.

    ps. i only posted this for the maths

    The route will change a little but mainly owing to moving the start point to Highgate.

    PM me if you want to make sure it's still goes by your house and so I can harass you for a nicer escape from London route.

  • I'm sure some stereometrical discussion of glitter balls would have the assembled mathematicians hang on to your every word. :)

    Just finished this for Puff Daddy's vodka brand. Was lots of maths involved in calculating how the facet size decreased to maintain the pattern as it got closer to the poles. Pretty sure there was some fibonacci involved somewhere....

  • Object showed me this, its very good.


  • For edmundro:

  • ^
    I have no idea if these can be specifically analysed as fibonacci-ey, they're just very beautiful.

  • @object
    highgate ain't too bad for me, only about 5 miles (wrong direction mind)

  • No point doing the 10 miles to the start then back past your house if you don't have to.
    PM me a post code and I'll make sure we go near it.

  • Oh, can you go near Brentford too?

  • If you can move Brentford to a part of London that we have to pass thorough anyway then the answer is yes.

    If not you'll have to wait until I organise a ride to oxford.

  • Just listened to lateralus rearranged in the correct order. So much win.

  • I haven't listened to Lateralus in one sitting in a while but my media library has the tune in the correct order. Amazing album.

  • It's been my favourite running album for a while now. Easy to float away and end up doing a couple more miles than originally intended.

  • @Object
    I live in N14, so anywhere in Barnet will be good for me, but if you're heading further west that's fine I'll join up wherever you are, or at the flask

  • My hometown (when not at uni) is houghton regis, not far from ~74km!
    Interesting info on another GCHQ wartime math genius.
    I'll keep subbed and will probably jump on board closer to the date :)

  • ooooh!
    I'm keen to be a member of the set of tangential riders.
    (assuming I cobble together a fresh geared bike in time.)

  • Still no official route as it's so far away and we already have the previous route which was nice enough.

    However, it's likely this ride will now be starting in Maida Vale as this was Mr Turing's birth place. Thanks to Dropout for the suggestion.

  • ha! good idea @dropout. nothing to do with the proximity of maida vale/putney vs highate/putney I hope.

  • Fuck it, why not...


    1. 10.Object
    2. 11.Hillbilly
    3. Fussballclub
    4. BenJam
    5. Oliver Schick
    6. joe smith
    7. Soul
      a. Velocio
      b. OLC
      c. Edmundro
      d. Lady Liz
      e. ian (cnkr)
      f. Dammit
    8. mountaingoatmatt
    9. tom k&e
    10. middleofnowhere
    11. Digger
  • ^ yay, why not indeed

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2012-06-23 Sat - The Maths Geek Ride 0001.5 - London to Bletchley to London

Posted by Avatar for Object @Object