• ^ Oooh you poor lil soldier X ^

  • a shudder of boagies.

  • To be honest bogeys hit the nail on the head, traveling to play gives you more experience, cream travelled to almost all uk tourneys last year and sometime we did well other times we did not, for me the travelling and playing teams way better than you is the best way to learn new things and experience what a polo trip/tourney has to offer. I think that starting new player off in a competitive tourney is the best way for them to learn what that situation/play is like. My first tourney was the uk champs in mcr and that was a year after I started playin polo, wish I had done a tourney sooner, the bench minor is perfect for newbies as they can have a sometime playing some of the best players in the uk.

  • sounds good ! i'm in.

  • Would you guys be bothered if we had some different players on the Saturday and Sunday? Some of us can only make one day?

  • Would you guys be bothered if we had some different players on the Saturday and Sunday? Some of us can only make one day?

    +1 to that, what sort of format will tourney be??? is it round robin/swiss saturday and knock outs sunday??

    we have few guys who cannot make sat but can sun. but we have no illusion we'll make sunday if its knock outs lol

  • Looking to get an Oxford team to attend. :)
    I'll let you know if/when i get one.

  • Just a reminder for this, Submissions for team need to be in soon, so get your team list together and email it over to cambridgebikepolo@gmail.com

  • We need your team entries in today! 23:59 close.

  • for reals?

  • Can I enter a manchester team and sort out members later

  • see the OP, it probably wasn't made very clear but it's been there from the beginning...

    we're meeting this weekend to talk about the format/setting things up, it was planned we'd have your team entries by the 1st so we can sort this all out in advance. looks like we might need to extend it seeing how few teams have signed up already...

  • I'll try and get people sorted after polo tonight, I may get home after 12 though so it might be a little late.

  • Here are the two London teams

    The Bank of England: Mat Goldenwheel, Josh C, DT, Jono, Maxine, Bill, Aidan

    Nouveau Riche: DJ Spoony, Toddlich, Cambot, Brendan, Nik, John H, Badger

  • wow. seriously awesome teams. super excited that i got picked, 1st BM.

  • £20 on Nouveau Riche to win outright

  • wow. seriously awesome teams.

    Yep, James picked the teams, I think they almost completely equal; good job.

  • Sorry to be late on this, just emailed in Severn Stealers (Bristol/Cardiff) if we're still ok?

  • Great teams london, who are your managers? Really looking forward to this.

  • Rupert and I are captains/coaches/whatever. Rupert is playing, I am not. The poster for this is amazing.

  • The poster for this is amazing.

    +1, fricking sweet

  • £20 on Nouveau Riche to win outright

    I'll have some of that. £20 says Nouveau Riche does not win outright.

  • Still not scraped together a manc team, having trouble getting 6 together as a few regulars can't make it, any chance of an extension on submitting teams?

  • poster is incredible!

    So far, we've had register...

    2 LDN
    1 Brizzle/Cardizzle
    1 Glasgow/Edinburgh
    1 Birmingham
    1 Canterbury

    Come on UK, where are the rest of you? Brighton, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield??? Lets extend the 'deadline' til midnight on Saturday 3rd. Can a Cambridge person PM the various cities to remind, i'm busy..

  • I had no idea this was even going on. Ah well. Good luck! I'll happily play for the Mancs if allowed.

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Tourney: Cambridge Regional Bench Minor Tournament 31/03/2012-1/04/2012

Posted by Avatar for Mjosh @Mjosh