• BBC Travel is reporting a collision, and I'm hearing rumours that it's a cyclist under a coach.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Citycyclecop/stat­us/165423367351054336

    Wormwood St at jct of #Bishopsgate is currently closed due to a collision between a cyclist & coach. Any witnesses pls call 020 7601 2222

  • And I didn't manage to format the date correctly, WAC.

  • There was a coach stopped on the junction and some-one on the ground being attended to. I couldn't see a bike but it was cordened off

  • Colleague's partner works in Heron Tower, said he witnessed resuscitation on a cyclist who had collided with a bus/coach.

    This may be very bad. Heart goes out to cyclist/family.

  • Walked past on the way back from lunch, road was closed, still plenty of ambulances, Dr cars, police taking statements. I didn't see who was involved (was a big white coach stopped in the middle of the road - i think the ones that do runs to the airport), but looks like it was a cyclist. Horrible.

  • And I didn't manage to format the date correctly, WAC.

    Sorted. #bump

  • Sigh, work yards from this crossroads, there's severe roadworks going on at the moment, but it's normally a relatively safe junction.

    Bishopsgate is a nightmare road, terrible surface, and way too many Coaches and HGVs bouncing along, it's given me 5 stitches already.

    Thoughts with those involved, hoping for the best.

  • Hi all - just registered to post here. Not a cyclist myself, I am on 2 wheels but they have a motor attached.

    I walked past moments after it happened - spoke to some people who witnessed it and heard he got dragged under a coach as it turned left. I saw the paramedics trying to resuscitate him but didn't hang around.

    Have since heard that he didn't make it.

    Although Bishopsgate is a nightmare (and I've had words with cyclists going the wrong way up the 1-way section multiple times), this was at the junction with London Wall/Wormwood Street.

    My thoughts are with him & his loved ones

  • ^ Thanks for posting Wade.
    Sorry you had to witness that. I hope your OK.

    Could you tell us where/how you heard that the cyclist didn't make it...?

  • I know other people that work in offices nearby, they saw the covered/bagged body being loaded into the ambulance.

  • Twitter appears to confirm the fatality.
    My condolences to the riders friends and family.

  • Fuck.
    This turns my guts.

    Thoughts are with all who have lost someone they love.

    Be cool out there guys, cycle safe.

  • Dreadful news, RIP. Love and thoughts to family and friends ... ride safe peeps.

  • Horrible news. So sorry to see this.

  • Sad news. RIP.

  • Shocking loss and especially poignant given the BBC Breakfast news had a piece on cycling safety campaign by the Times this morning...

    Talking about this is not going to sort out the 8% increase in RTA's involving cyclists.

    I'm absolutely appaled...

  • Ambulance service confirm male cyclist aged around 60 killed 1pm today in Bishopsgate in crash with a coach

    Ross Lydal, Chief News Correspondent + Royal Correspondent, London Evening Standard.

  • Really sorry to hear this.RIP My thoughts go out to Family and Friends.

    (Will the Times, use it to make a big splash ?)

  • Sigh, not the news I wanted to hear when checking back on this. :(

  • RIP rider

  • Sad sad sad day.

  • :'( r.i.p

  • A very sad day. My thoughts are with the rider's friends and family.

  • Here's the second citation.

    I've already said it further up thread but would like to reiterate my heartfelt sympathies to the friends and family of the rider. I'm sorry for the loss which has been forced upon you.

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2012-02-03 - Rider Down/Fatality, London Wall and Wormwood Street (London)

Posted by Avatar for Buffalo_Bill @Buffalo_Bill