Furry's fat and long bikes

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  • OK, should have done this ages ago. Instead of monopolising the winterbike thread.

    I got hooked on the idea of a fatbike some time ago. The climate on the west coast of Norway, is'nt perfect for snow biking. There is a fair amount of mild weather during winter, which leads to ice build-up. But I've still found myself wishing I had one on several occasions, and as they look so much fun. I did'nt really need much more of an excuse. I hope to give the bike 3 main functions, snowbike, trekking bike, and fat hardtail.

    My current plan.

    Frame: Custom Ti from Triton bikes in Russia. I've gone for rocker drop-outs from Paragon machine works, a 1.5" headtube, internal cable routing, 100mm BB width, and 170mm rear spacing. The frame will have rack mounts, and 3 bottle cage mounts.

    Fork: Summer - Modified Caqnnondale lefty with custom extended clamps for tyre clearance.
    Winter - Salsa Enabler.

    Wheels/tyres: Summer - 45NRTH Husker Du tyres on 80mm rims. Rear hub from Salsa Muklukk set, and front hub from Project 321. The front wheel will be reverse dished to re-center the tyre in the modified Lefty.
    Winter - Surly Big Fat Larrys, home studded with 100 carbide studs each, on 80mm rims laced to a Salsa Mukluk hubset.

    Drivechain: 1x10, with a 31 tooth SS chainring, and a 11-36 XTR cassette. A Sram T900 bar-end shifter, will work a X-O short cage reqar mech, via Gore Ride-on cables. Looking to get some M4s for stopping duties.

    Contact points: Nice Gobi saddle, Jones cut-H bars, and CB mallets.

    Load carrying: Waterproof (front) panniers mounted on the rack, frame bag, Bar bag supported on minimalist front rack, and Everything cages on the forks. This should give flexible loading, with everything high enough to aviod draginng in snow, bushes etc.

    More details to follow........

  • Drilling out rims.

    ...and Hammerite finish.

  • nice one SF
    youre in the best plce to use this- sure it will be heaps of fun.

    now the bike industry has finally decided that big wheels are better and the 29er craze is fully taken hold,

    expect these sorts of production bikes to be the next craze in a couple of years

  • All the stats and figures.

    ETT - 580mm
    HT - 85mm
    HT - extention upper 15mm
    HT - extention lower 15mm
    HT - dimensions 1.5"
    ST (c-t) - 405mm
    ST(c-c) - 340mm
    BB drop - 60mm
    CS - 452mm
    TT angle - 24,5 Deg
    HT angle - 70 Deg
    ST angle - 73,5 Deg
    Tyre clearance - 120mm
    Rear OLD - 170mm
    BB width - 100mm
    Reach - 403mm
    Stack - 592mm
    Fork ATC - 485mm (actual will be 478mm and 490mm)
    Tyre width - 110mm
    radius at max tyre width - 352mm
    External tyre radius - 373mm
    Drop outs.- DS0027, PMW Rocker dropouts, with hanger and post mount.
    Small gusset - DT-HT
    Small gusset - TT-ST
    Cable guide locations rear brake - Internal through left side of TT, 2x under left SS
    Cable guide locations rear mech - Internal through right side of TT, 2x under right SS
    Cable guide type for zip tying continous outers
    Finish - hand brushed
    Decals - beadblast
    Bottle cage mount 1 ST, 116mm, and 180mm from BB center
    Bottle cage mount 2 DT, 226mm, and 290mm from BB center
    Bottle cage mount 3 under DT, 50mm, and 114mm from BB center)
    Lower rack mounts on SS, 100mm from drop out.
    Upper rack mounts on SS, 418mm from drop out.
    Rider height - 170cm
    Rider inseam - 76cm
    Rider weight - 85Kg
    Saddle height (from BB) - 673mm
    Effective stem length (with cut-H bars) - 80mm
    Cranklenth - 165mm
    Chainline - 62mm

  • Drop-outs.

  • Big Fat Larry, mounted for measuring.

  • Tyre Studding.

  • I love it. Such a big and unique project. The lefty fork idea, if it works, is inspired. If it doesn't on the other hand....

  • Cranks with Custom 31T chainring.

  • Love it!

  • Utter madness! Fantastic...

  • I love it. Such a big and unique project. The lefty fork idea, if it works, is inspired. If it doesn't on the other hand....

    Firstly, like all the elements of this build, its a stolen idea.

    I have punched the numbers regarding wheel strength, and the possible effect on the stiffness of the fork. Everything looks fine to me. As these are expensive parts, I do have back-up plans for the bike, and back-up uses for the parts, though.

    Worse case. I scrap the idea, use the fork and hub on my 29er (currently rigid), and just go with the Salsa Enabler.

  • Techy details aside. I remounted the Big Fat Larry tyre, that I put 100 studs in. It now looks like a medieval torture weapon. Or possibly a very twisted S&M pleasure devise.

    ....I'll try it and report back.

  • Techy details aside. I remounted the Big Fat Larry tyre, that I put 100 studs in.

    Pic like this please:

    Here you go Dubtap- am I doing it right?


  • Pic like this please:

    Dont have hanging scales I'm afraid. The studs are bloody light though. I had to count them to convince myself they were all there.

    Thats not much help when your tyre, tube, tape, and rim combo is coming up to 2.5Kg though. Add hubs (fatbike hubs are'nt built for weenies either) and spokes, and you're looking at near 6Kg wheelset.

  • big fat larry, mounted for measuring.


  • Gonna be an awesome bike! Triton!

  • Told ya...

  • You cunt...

  • Spent a couple of hours studding the second tyre last night. I'll post a pic soon, as I'm really happy with the pattern and amount of studs. My commuting tyres are 1.6", and have 240 studs each. So 100 studs in 4.7" tyres sounds like very little. But with the massive footprint of the tyre, I should'nt need so many.

    My Project 321 lefty hub is at the post office. So I'll pick that up today, and can start building the front wheel. Ironically my single armed truing stand, wont work for my single sided wheel (lols). I plan to dish the wheel so that the disc mount sits flush with the outer edge of the tyre. This should be a good enough starting point. The ultimate plan is to use the lefty for summer duties with 3.8" trail tyres. So I'm not overly concerned about getting masses of clearance with the winter tyres.

    Dmitry sent me some pics of the drop-outs (center of pic). So nice.

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  • This is roughly the front end I'll have. (I have 80mm rims, and those look like powder coated 100mm US Chopper rims though).

  • This is absolutely EPIC!

  • these are gonna so look so scary for drivers when they start getting out on the streets

  • This looks like an awesome build - look forward to seeing it in progress. The answer is obviously yes, as there's a photo above, but I was going to ask if there's enough sideways clearance between the fork and the tyre, or do you have to do anything to ensure this?

    You've got me looking at Pugsley's and the like this morning. It's cold, but not snowing in London - I'm sure that's close enough to the reason for getting one, right?

  • How soon do you reckon until it's all done? Are you going to miss the worst of the snow?

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Furry's fat and long bikes

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