Shit fixie skidders say...

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  • Fixie skidders don’t use cassettes

  • I love listening to my walkman whilst out on a ride

  • I'm not a mudguard expert

  • £100 posted for this work of art

  • man your soooooooo funny

  • i am looking for some 1-1 tuition in learning some fixie trick's and techniques etc. I'm aware i can look it all up via Youtube etc but i have been attempting skids and stands with little luck for a while now.. .mainly because i'm a bit of a lone rider and not got the courage to rock up to a club for the much needed advice. Couldn't find much on google re lessons but feel free to point me in the right direction - happy to pay! I'm not a beginner and have been on track/velo but mainly fixed zoomies in the City.

  • happy to pay!

  • You never taught me how to skid :-(

  • Damn, this place is harsh on newcomers sometimes!

  • Honestly not meant to be harsh. Just seemed to fit the thread title so well :-)

  • it does :))

  • imo we need to reclaim inner city trail riding from the full sus bros, for too long they have been justifying their alpine descenders on what are essentially little piles of rooty dirt with features formed by poor upkeep and riding while wet. .

    it's time to cuck them with vintage mtb's and oversized gravel bikes

    I love this comment

  • should really be getting a coffee grinder and not another set of bars to add to my pile

  • There's an excellent illustration of that problem in last months professional electrician magazine

  • £950 Takes it, if not met it will go to eBay

  • Have we had this guy yet? 13 mins of pure skidder cringe.

  • I've always hoped it was a parody youtube channel when I've come across it before

  • For now it needs to go fast.

  • A man chooses. I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I put 2018 Look pedals on an old italian bike.

    See, this is why I want(ed) you to get rid of your Colnago.

  • I was working on that Redhook in Milan.

  • So much porn in ypur stable, you must be on onlyfans

  • Hey, I'm sorry to reach out this way, but a BRP bag or keychain, or really any of your projects is a grail of mine. If there is any dead stock or item you have and are willing to part with, please reach out at jasonlane2389 at gmail dot com. I'm not trying to make a quick buck, just get hold of a piece of fg history from a maker I've been chasing since 2011. Whether you respond or not, I just want to say I love your work, and hope will all my heart you're able to keep doing what you love.

  • Bonkers but I'll let the legs do the talking.

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Shit fixie skidders say...

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