Shit fixie skidders say...

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  • The Bad Otis is a zeitgeist hardtail. With a geometry dialed for trail riding.

  • ....because as Schopenhauer noted, true happiness is sadly an illusion but that does not per-se discount the noble aim of reducing misery nor by extension, adopting a phenomenological perspective to gearing choice.

    QOTW from @skipper

  • I wouldn't describe my RS6 Avant as boring.

  • Overheard at the golf club >>

  • Shut up fam, if you ride with brakes like a pussy is another story
    Mind your business and be respectful, rude boy

    Hi, I just had an accident and broke my new and shiny carbon fork on my new cinelli vigorelli. Can someone pick me up if you got a secondo hand one, please?

  • Gold. Well spotted.

  • Maiden voyage; it’s soft, like really soft.

  • Flames.

  • Unbelievable. Hope they're ok but it's hard not to laugh at that.

  • I purposefully got a size bigger to get that “*too big a bike*” look of the 1950’s cyclist.

    I only put it here because there is no 'Amazing things fixie skidders say' thread.

    Great stuff, @edscoble.

  • a pair of 32 mm Specialized Roubaix Pro tyres that had been “aged” in UV light for six months to give the right nuance to the sidewall colour to better match the gold.

    from this

  • Wrap it up boys, we're going home

  • -The beauty of fixed is that maintenance is minimal, just keep that chain tight and just ride...

  • lol I was just coming here to post that

  • Amazing from the start:

    There is only one philosophy combining two things: aesthetics and performance

  • it has to have a cultural background.

  • it's 24 minutes of shit fixie skidders say

    felt kind of bad posting, but could only stomach a couple of minutes

  • It's all about the purity

    gets a spare change of clothes from the support van

  • Of course it's Seabase. Hyperbole aside (a big ask), it's definitely a mad bit of riding.

  • I agree that the dialogue is absolutely cringeworthy and when I first saw this I had to really block it all out to actually enjoy the visuals.
    That said I've followed Patrick Seabase for a while and personally I think he does some pretty amazing rides.
    I saw a reddit a while ago full of a bunch of old (probably similar vintage to me) guys all slagging him off and saying that this ride is nothing special and is no more difficult than if it were done on a regular road bike and he was a fool for 'ruining' his tyres - as if he even gives a shit! Well, fuck them; I doubt a single one of them could have even finished it on fixed.
    Anyway, nothing to see here; as you were...

  • @nefarious @aniki
    yeah guys, in no way was it any remark on the ride... that part's crazy and thus my 'felt bad' statement, as it felt the post could be taken as being dismissive. maybe i'll try watching with the sound off 🤣

  • Sure thing; totally realised that. I think he gets a bad rep as he tends to subscribe to the 'hipster' image albeit probably unintentionally. Then again so do I except I think I get a pass because I'm almost 50.?!
    There's a version on youtube where all the dialogue is French or German (I forget) and it's much more agreeable.
    Reminds me of MC Solaar; I hate that kind of music ordinarily but he raps in French so because I have absolutely no idea what he's saying I quite like it...

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Shit fixie skidders say...

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